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Chapter 39

Faith woke to someone humming. She turned her head towards the sound to find Tia sitting in the window seat with a pencil and sketch pad. She had headphones in her ears humming along to a song that had Faith smiling. Faith moved to push the button for the bed to rise catching Tia's attention. She dropped the pad and pulled the headphones from her ears.

" I didn't mean to wake you. " Tia said coming over to the bed.

" Can you take the headphones out so I can listen to the song? Then let me see what your drawing? " Faith asked as she stopped the up motion of the bed.

" Yes to the first and no to the second. " Tia said removing the headphones and hitting the replay button.

" What do you mean No? You always let me see what you drawing. " Faith said frowning.

" I'll let you see it when it's done. " Tia said handing Faith her iPod to listen to.

" When will that be? " Faith mumbled as the song started again. Sarah McLaughlin's 'In the Arms of an Angel' played out and Faith closed her eye's softly singing to it.

Tia smiled. " The song fits what I'm drawing. " she said.

" Your drawing an angel? " Faith said opening her eye's.

" Pretty much. I'm designing your wedding dress. " Tia said as she watched Faith eye's go big and round.

" Your.....Your making my wedding dress, but I thought we were going to go shopping for one? " Faith said.

" I'm around fashion everyday. There is not a dress out there for you, but I'm gonna make you one no one else will ever have. Trust me. On second thought your not aloud to see it til I make it. " Tia said smirking.

" That's just cruel you know? " Faith said looking towards the window seat.

" You'll love it. Trust me. " Tia said moving so she blocked the view of the window. " So how are feeling? Travis said you weren't so good earlier. "

Faith turned the iPod off and handed it back to Tia.

" Better....considering.... " Faith waved her hands towards her legs. " Where is Travis anyway?

Tia started laughing. " That man is as stubborn as you. Had to make he go home. I had some help from Cody and the kids. Kids whined that they were hungry and wanted to go home. I told Cody that Travis couldn't come back unless he had a full stomach, showered and had fresh clothes on. He looked at me like I was crazy. So I told him that if he didn't go I'd pull him by his ear like little kid all the way to the car. " Tia finished making Faith laugh.

" Oh God don't make me laugh that hurts. " Faith said holding her ribs.

" Sorry. " Tia said smiling.

Faith sighed. " Travis said everything was running fine. He said the studio was running fine. Who's running the studio? " Faith asked.

" Me. " Tia said.

" When did you get in town? " Faith asked.

" The day of the accident. Cody call me. I had the pilot turn around and been here ever since. " Tia said shrugging her shoulders like it was no big deal.

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