Tribute's treats

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I step off the train and welcome the open air. Daniel Greg kneels on the floor behind me, kissing the ground. He quickly gets up and makes a deep coughing noise when he sees me looking.
I look away and let out a huge sigh when I see what's in front if me.
On the train platform is a huge food stall labelled, 'Tributes Treats'.
I hurry over to the stand and am just about to help myself, when a camera is shoved in front of me, blocking my view of the food.
"Hi, Ivy Summers right?" A Capitol lady asks.
"Uh, yeah."
"What is on your mind right now?"
"Eating delicious food, which you are stopping me from doing."
"Is that so?"
"Yes, so if you don't mind, could I..." I find my path once again blocked by the camera.
"Oh, of course, go ahead!" The Capitol woman insists, "we'll get back to you later!"
I dash over to the food tables, making awkward turns here and there to avoid other interviewers. Finally, I teach the stall.
Here, I find piles upon piles of all different kinds of meat. Venison, beef, lamb, pork, duck and chicken are all arranged into different meals, complete with a drink of what looks like fizzy water and a pudding.
I haven't eaten in days, so I grab one duck and one pork meal to go.
By the time we have to leave for the hotel, I am only halfway through my second meal (roast duck slices, with two potatoes, carrots, what is apparently called wine and a strawberry smoothie for desert).

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