Chapter 4

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All the first years were standing outside the door to the great Hall. Everyone but two was nervous, Percy because well he's Percy and Hermione because she was to busy focusing on Percy to be noticed.

Suddenly they heard Dumbledore's voice telling them to come in. All of them walked in a straight line towards the sorting hat.

One by one they were sorted, but Percy wasn't paying attention. He heard his name called ' Jackson Perseus, if I have to call your name one more time!' he quickly murmers a sorry and walk up to the sorting hat.

He sits and the hat is placed on his head.

Why can't I access your memories, young one? Because I don't want you to, before we have a little chat. And what do you want to talk about? You are very strong to be able to resist me.

When I let you into my memories you cannot make a scene. The attention MUST not be on me. I am not who I say I am, but I am here for the good of wizard kind. I have been through many horrors, scream all you like but do it up here not aloud. Ask for a little while to compose yourself alone in a room before continuing. You underestimate me, you think I am weak. I will show you that I have seen more than you can possibly know.

Percy rolls his eyes Whatever, suit yourself.

And then he opened his mind. His whole life flashed in front of him. MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP! IT'S TOO MUCH! THE HORRORS! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! HOW CAN YOU BE SANE AFTER A LIFE LIKE THAT!? Percy re-closed his mind.

' Griffindor!' the hat said to the Hall but it was more of a whimper. Percy stood up and went to sit at the Griffindor table. The hat whispered something to Professor McGonagall she looked surprised, but picked up the hat and took him to another room. But before he was taken away. Everyone albeit shocked saw the sorting hat was crying.

And on top of that Percy had been the longest sorting in history. 20 min had passed. All heads turned to look at Percy, but he wasn't looking at them. He and Dumbledore was having a staring contest.

Suddenly he stood up ' The sorting will commence in a few moments! Please be patient.' but he didn't sit down and started to move out of the Hall. He turned to look at Percy and nodded his head in the direction he was walking.

Percy stood up and followed the Headmaster to his office. They walked in silence till they reached the gargoyle. He let Dumbledore in without a password and the two moved up the stairs to the circular room.

They stepped in and Dumbledore went and sat behind his desk in a chair. His eyes where filled with curiosity ' Now young one, care to tell me what that was about? '

When Percy spoke it was not to answer the question ' Your walls have ears sir. ' The professor raised his eyebrows. Percy took out his wand ' Wingardium leviosa ' a flower pot floated over to him. He deposited it on the desk. Dumbledore was looking on in fascination, Percy looked at him ' Hum sir can you please do a spell breaking charm?' he looked at Percy sceptically, but complied. There was a sound of glass breaking and out came an exact replica of the owners voices. 'Now young one, care to tell me what that was about? ' a pause ' Your walls have ears sir. Wingardium leviosa. '

Dumbledore looked shocked this first year could detect a spell that was meant to overhear all conversations and he couldn't. ' Now that it's save to talk professor. What do you mean? I'm just a normal 11 year old wizard.' he fakes innocence. Dumbledore gave him one of those i-know-your-lying looks ' My boy, never in the history of the school has the sorting hat cried after reading someone's memories and on top of that you are the longest sorting ever.' ' How long does it take usually? '

'Usually it takes about 2 minutes or less. It took you 20 minutes. Off of that topic. How did you detect that overhearing charm? Even I wasn't aware of it.' Percy looked away from the headmaster ' After my parents..... passed, my aunt became very paranoid and had me learn to detect spells and charms like that. In fact it was drilled into me until I did it subconsciously when walking into a room.'

' Very well. You may go back to the Hall and get dinner before it disappears.' Percy nods his head and walks out of the room. Dumbledore's mind is swirling with questions, most unanswered. This boy is no ordinary wizard, he thought to himself. Guess we'll just have to see how this turns out.

Percy arrives at the Hall to see the sorting done and the hat nowhere in sight. Harry and Ron sit next to each other with Hermione sitting across from them. Harry waves him over, but Hermione is to focused and doesn't see him. He walks over and sit down next to her.

She jumps back in surprise starting to fall of the bench, but Percy grabs her hand and pull her back up. She looks at him strangely, then realise that their still holding hands. Then proceeds to blush crimson, Percy just pulls his hand away like nothing happened.

Harry pipes up ' So why did Dumbledore want to see you an why did the sorting hat cry after your sorting?' all the people that could hear the conversation stopped and waited in silence to hear his answer. Percy looks down sadly ' He wanted to see me because of the hat crying and why the hat cried is a bit personal to tell to people who I've only just met.' Ron hasn't said a word, well it's probably because he was stuffing his mouth with pretty much everything.

Harry nods his head in understanding. And the four eat on in silence. Little did Percy know Hermione asked the hat a few questions.

*Sniffs* He has been through more than the world should deserve, much less one person. *Sniffs* But the boy took it in his stride and accepted his fate. There will come a day where he has to explain what happened and who he is. When that day comes remember my warning. Think of him before reacting, give him a chance. Remember my warning.

The hat had then proceeded to call out Griffindor.

She sat in at the table but wasn't really there. She was in her mind thinking and occasionally studying the boy in question.

What could a 11 year old go through, to gain this reaction?

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