Chapter 14: Welcome home

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Auctioned Hearts 14-

The sun peered through my window waking me from my sleep; I grumbled and forced myself out of bed. I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and noted the time- it was 6:00 in the morning.


I was sure to grab myself an early shift for today so I can be there when Demyan gets home. I was really touched by how him and Peyton moved my family and provided me with practically every means of living I needed, so I wanted to give him a huge ‘thanks’.

Although it was early I woke myself up enough to function properly…well eventually.

I took a purpously cold shower; it woke up my whole body, sending shivers from my sholders to my toes as I padded out of the shower pushing cold little waterdrops in streams down my form. I dried off with one of the super fluffy towels.

After dressing into my work uniform I gazed at myself in the mirror and decided it wasn’t so bad going out without any make up now and then, considering my make up was ruined and I didn’t have any to use since Demyan didn’t think of ordering some. I’m totally not complaining because he has done so much for me- makeup is something so minuscule it hardly matters- but being honest I feel only a bit frustrated because I wanted to look best possible for Demyan.

Blowdrying my hair quickly it fluffed out wildly; I brushed a strand of blonde hair behind my ear blushing a bit to myself in the mirror.

At least there was a straightener in here.

I picked up the tool careful not to burn myself. I only plugged it in and turned it on a couple minutes ago and it was already on full heat. I brought the straigtner up twisting a piece of my golden blonde hair around it and twisting it around the straightner like it was a curling iron, Hattie had taught me this little trick when my curling iron had last minute died on me. I remembered like it was yesterday.

“Chenoa hurry up! We gotta be there in half an hour!”

“Hattie!” I yelled to her in a shrill voice. “My curling iron it’s broken!”

“Chenoaaa” she moaned frustrated. “I told you not to get a cheap-ass curling iron!” she yelled to me as she fast walked over to the bathroom.

“Here.” She said while taking my straightner and a piece of my blonde hair and wrapping it around the tool.

“Hattie what are you doing?” I looked at her like she was crazy.

“If all else fails bust out of your little stupid thinking box.”

I rolled my eyes at her smiling.

“My box isn’t stupid, you’re just jealous,” I joked.

She laughed rolling her eyes back.

Soon enough my hair was all curled and I just prayed to God that the curls would stay without some hairspray. I compiled all my purse contents together then slipped on my shoes and I was ready to go.

As I walked down to the front desk a kind looking man beconed me over from behind the front desk.

“Ma'am, are you Chenoa?”

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