Eyes on Her

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*Beep beep beep*

You get pulled out of your thoughts, you see Demi ringing you, you mumble to yourself "guess she's outside huh"

As you get into the car, Demi has a big smile on her face, led in to give you a long but sweet kiss, you can feel yourself burning up, blushing so hard your just glad is kind of dark outside so demi can't see your face right now. My god how did you get so lucky to pull her, she look so beautiful tonight like always. That's dress is wow!!

You-" WOW!! Erm what was all that a-made of"

Demi-" what's wrong? (smirking away to herself) just happy to see you baby I have missed you believe it or not"

You-" I have missed you too in more than one way babe 😏 but erm huh mm, can we just skip tonight babe and erm head back into my house? *felt yourself blush*

Demi-" I bet you have baby girl.. but listen we cannot skip tonight it's important, plus we have ten minutes to kill hint"

You- "but ba-"

Demi pulls you on top of her starts kiss your lips, Demi lifting your arse up to pull the dress off your arse slapping it a little. Then she makes her way down to your neck, sucking and kissing a little. You try to concentrate on doing the same to Demi, but her hand sliding up your inn thigh until she reaching your underwear, starting rubbing your clit on top on your underwear till she can feel the wetness soaking through. You start moaning a little, whispering in Demi's ear to go harder and faster..
you feel Demi laughing under you...

Demi- "we can finish this off later as much as I want to fuck you so much believe me now baby, we definitely need to get a move on!!"

You- " WTF!! This isn't far Demi.. you cannot turned me on like that and throw me down!! I'm dying inside here. You better want me. Just wait till we home from this meal.. you not going to know what's coming!!!"

Half hour later......

You- "demi where the hell are we? Thought we was going out for food? Where is this place!!"

Demi- babe all soon be told, come here let me put this over your eyes no peaking promise"

You- ugh ok I promise, don't let me fall over anything woman!!"

Demi holds your hands guiding you to this place, you hear a door close behind you but also hear lot of talking and raised voices chatting away, before you know it you come to stop.. Demi the whips the mask off your eyes!!


You stand there in stock for a few seconds blushing and not knowing what to say, before heading over to your friends and family hugging and kissing them all, whilst your catching up with family&friend, you see Demi in your eye line walking back out the doors leaving..

Demi pov-

I am so happy that everyone that got an invite turned up, even thought it was last minutes and trying to get the flights over here. definitely y/n side of the family, I for one cannot wait to meet them all. I'm just scared on how the family going to be, I'm pretty sure not all them know I'm Demi Lovato... but I can't let myself think like that, I'm a normal person too!! What's her brother going to think of me, what if I'm not good enough for his sister?? and says she's with the wrong person, or her Nan, last time I met her I hurt her granddaughter she might of told the rest of the family I hurt her.. I didn't mean too thought... I  want y/n for the rest of my living years with her, I cannot wait to marry her and have a baby of ours. Demi you just need to calm down, stop worrying if you love this girl you shouldn't be worrying.
She's your world. Your soul.
Demi get yourself back into that party and smile what will happen will happen.

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