I did it for Love Chapter 4

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Itachi's face was the last straw. She had to get away from here. Tea took off running outside of the door. She had to get away. How could Itachi's dad slap her? That, she could deal with, but the fact that Itachi didn't stand up for her, blew it. Tears were flowing rapidly, down her face no matter how much she wiped them.

Itachi POV

Itachi watched in shock as his dad slapped Tea. He saw tears flow down her pale cheek

"Stay away from my son you whore," my father yelled.

At that moment it took all he had to control his emotions. He saw Tea slightly incline her head towards him as if looking for an answer. Itachi couldn't look at her. Tea finally had enough and ran outside the door.

"Humph finally," my dad mumbled. Itachi wanted to choke his dad for saying that but he had to catch up to her.


She found her favorite spot in Konaha, the lake. It seemed so, serene and pure. Tea found herself taking off her shoes and placed her feet in the water. With her feet splashing gently through the water caused shallow ripples. She began to sing her voice filling the silence with her feelings.

"When you cried I'd,

Wipe away all of your tears

When you'd scream,

I'd fight awayall ofyour fears

And I held your hand

Through all ofthese years...

But You still have...

All of me,"

As she sung her last note a lonely tear dropped form her eye.

Itachi POV

As he neared the center of the forest where the lake resided, he heard an angelic voice fill the forest. Itachi stopped as he saw Tea's silver hair flowing as the coming wind passed.

"You still have

All of me,"

He continued walking towards her.


"Tea," she heard a deep, silky, seductive voice she knew only to come from Itachi.

"Of course he would follow me," she thought.

"I'm sorry," he continued.

She turned around her silver eyes red from her previous crying, pierced his very soul. Tea took her feet from out of the water, placed on her shoes and stood up.

"How could you just stand there, Itachi?" she asked.

Only silence answered her question.

"He slapped me and called me a whore, Itachi!" she yelled at him frustration lacing every single word, "How could you not defend me, and now you stand here and say nothing."

Tea started to cry again.

"How could one guy make you feel good and at the same time cause you pain," she asked herself.

She walked past him and Itachi grabbed her hand.

"Tea wait," Itachi said quickly.

She cocked her head to the side and placed her hands on her hips.

"Oh, so now you talk," she said curtly.

Itachi lips formed slowly into a smirk.

"Oh no I'm not falling for that one, Damn it why did he have to be so sexy." She yelled at herself.

Tea looked away to try to hide her blush.

"What?" she said trying to speak strongly.

"Trust me Tea nothing hurts me more than to see someone hurt you, I care about you..." he started, "Will you look at me?" he asked sweetly.

When she didn't he placed his hand under her chin so that she faced him.

"If you car-," Itachi placed a finger over her mouth.

"I wanted to say something but I just froze, Tea will you forgive me?" he asked.

She knew it takes a lot to make Itachi Uchiha apologize.

"I don't know..." she said.

He pulled her into a tight embrace and whispered into her hair," I'm sorry for hurting you."

"Alright I for give you," she said pulling away.

Itachi smirked and leaned in towards her lips, but she stopped him by putting her finger over his mouth.

"Tsk tsk, but you'll have to earn that," she say while winking seductively and walking away leaving him dumbstruck.

~End flashback~

She ran into what was supposed to be Sasuke's room. And found the bed to be empty.

"He must've snuck out," she thought.

She ran outside of the hospital to the one place she thought he would be.

"Oh please Sasuke be here," she whispered

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