Chapter 8

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Day : Monday
Date : 23/04/18

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Camellia Waters' POV

"Ouch! That's hurt, Eya!" Elli yelled, sitting on the floor while touching his shin.

"Serve you right. Who asked you to do that? Now you face the consequence." I said with my arms crossed over my chest.

"It's turning blue." he mumbled while pouting and rubbing the spot where I kicked him.


I turned off the engine and got off from my bike before taking the helmet off from my head then walked to the door.

When I reached the door, my eyebrows knitted as I saw it was already opened a little. Huh?

"Guys, I'm home!" I shouted from the front door.

I walked in and continued walking to go to the kitchen to find some food. What confusing me was I didn't get any reply yet from the boys.

Where are they? Did all of them go out or what?

I know that Alex had to go somewhere but I didn't know that the others had gone out too. If everyone weren't home, then why did the door was unlocked?

The thought scared me. My steps became slow and seconds later, I stopped walking as I heard a weird noise in the kitchen, where I was heading to.

"What if there are thieves in here? Bad guys?"

I stood still as if I was a statue to think of my next move. What should I do?

There were so many bad scenario playing in my mind. That's it! I need to know who it is!

As I was about to take a baby step towards the kitchen with my right leg was already off from the floor and my fists balled, I heard footsteps that were heading to my way. I froze and my eyes widened feeling scared.

"Oh my sweet toothless monkey." I mumbled before turning my whole body to run out from the house.

But before I get the chance to run, someone grab me in one arm with another one cupping my mouth. I panic.

What should I do? What should I do?? My eyes watered at this. I felt hopeless. I don't want to die now!

I struggle to break loose. But then I heard someone chuckle making me stopped my movement.

"Welcome back Eya!"

Wait..that voice is so familiar. That cheerful man voice. It's like...I gasped.


I pinched his arm causing him to yelp and then let go of me.

"Oww. Why did you do that?" he said while rubbing the spot.

"Elli! What the hell is your problem?!"

"What? I'm just wanna give a surprise to my only sister."

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