Part 2

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I woke up again. I tried moving but realised I was restrained " your awake, again " I looked to my right and sighed looking at the girl again
" this is ridiculous " I whispered

" I'm Alice by the way "
" Alex "

She laughed " funny isn't it? They've never even met us and don't even want us " I looked at her confused for a minute but then realised who she was talking about " I don't understand anyone of this " I shook my head

" werewolf's have mates, like soul mates. There's a rare chance that some have human mates and they are deemed as too weak to be in their 'pack' " she explained
" but because we are connected to our mates, if we die so do they. So if any enemy gets to us and kills us, our mates die aswell " I thought for a minute " what if we feel pain? " I asked her and she nodded " they feel it to "

I heard doors opening and looked up " lunch time! " a gruff voice yelled. After a few minutes the same man from before stopped at my cell, he gave me a glare and opened the cell and slid a tray towards me

I looked down at the tray and grimaced, it was cold clearly. Vegetables, almost green looking potatoes with clumped up looking gravy and water " I give it five stars " I turned to Alice and she smiled picking up the plastic fork

As the man walked past me again he stopped
" eat " he ordered " you have 10 minutes " I watched him walk away and thought to myself for a minute.

As promised the man returned and began collecting the trays, once he stopped at my cell he growled lowly " why haven't you eaten! " he yelled " not hungry yet " I shrugged with a small smile. If I don't eat, my mate will sense it if I'm correct and then I'll compromise for them to let me out...hopefully

The guy left, leaving the tray sitting infront of me " Alex what are you doing? We only get two of these a day I wouldn't screw that up " Alice explained " trust me, I have a plan " I explained and slumped back against the wall, I looked around the chains and sighed...I miss my family


I clicked through the channels not really paying attention to anything on the screen
" heard your mate was causing trouble down at the cells " I turned to Luke and shrugged
" I heard "

" Greg apparently had to chain her " I sighed
" Luke shut up " he looked at me and nodded as I looked back at the tv
" it gets easier Gray " I felt his hand on my shoulder and shook my head rolling my eyes

Like I cared, she was human and werewolf's don't get with humans. They're weak and emotional, that's why they're kept away.


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