Chapter 5 ~ Zayn

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Chapter 5 ― Zayn 

“Who isn’t that bad?” I asked looking meaningfully at her. Moni was a nice girl and I noticed she enjoyed quite much putting Mila in awkward situations, like this one. The brunette had this kind of mischievous look in her eyes.

Mila stared at me completely uncomfortable with my question, but I needed to know. I believed they referred to me and if it was like that, it meant that Mila had talked about me. Yes, she probably talked trash about me, but I didn’t care, for some weird and incomprehensible reason, I was glad about it.

The thing was I couldn’t stop thinking of her since she left us in the club. I couldn’t stop wondering if she was really helping Alex out of pity, or if she was as much a victim of Alex’s idea as I was. I couldn’t stop seeing her face in my mind, her smile and those dark eyes. I was pretty drunk the night before, but her memory was the clearest thing in my mind.

“Um— So, I should go and help Belle,” she replied looking at the kitchen direction where Belle should be with Dan, preparing everything for the BBQ.

She started walking towards the kitchen but I couldn’t let her go without answering me. I just needed to know if she thought of me as much as I thought of her, even if she just hated my guts. I needed to know to put my mind and ego at ease. I didn’t want to be the only one this affected by our meeting.

I walked behind her and grabbed her arm before she could step into the kitchen. I knew the guys in the living room were wondering what was happening between Mila and I, and probably they were spying on us in that moment, but I couldn’t care less. I pulled Mila and made her turn to face me. She avoided my glance immediately and focused her eyes on a nice plant at her right.

“Why won’t you answer me? It isn’t a big deal,” I told her trying to meet her eyes, but she kept avoiding me. “Mila,” I talked again and just then she met my gaze.

“You. Okay? I don’t like you and your self-centred personality so I told Moni about you and how infuriating you are. I don’t know why she doesn’t think you’re bad when you clearly can’t understand that I don’t wanna talk to you nor answer your questions! Now fuck off!” She practically yelled at me and out of surprise, I let her go and stepped back, blinking quickly.

“I’m— I’m sorry,” I mumbled still surprised by her reaction. I noticed her cheeks were flushed but I hardly thought it was because she was embarrassed; it was probably because she was mad.

So she really hated me.

That was new. That was weird. And I didn’t know how to deal with that. But why did she hate me that much? Yeah, I was rude at the beginning and probably I shouldn’t have reacted that way at the end the night before, but wasn’t she like exaggerating a bit? I thought we had fun. We laughed.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say those things. I’m a guest here after all and you’re Alex’s friend. Sorry,” she apologised but I still could see she didn’t want me near. “It’s just that— Ugh, I just can’t. Sorry.”

When she walked away, I didn’t stop her nor went after her. I got pretty clear that she didn’t want to see my face nor talk to me. It didn’t matter that she had something that made me think of her all the time, that she had something that made me want to know her more.

She hated me.

+ + + + +

“You okay, mate?” Liam asked taking me by surprise.

I was outside the house whilst everyone was inside, talking and having fun playing, but I couldn’t be in there when Mila was present. Maybe I shouldn’t care about that, but I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable with my presence. Besides, I needed a cigarette. I needed to clear my mind. I had too many things in my mind, too many things that I was trying to figure out, like the fact that I couldn’t get Mila out of my head.

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