Part 1

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I opened my eyes, met with darkness I moved my body feeling the rough, cold ground underneath me. That's when I noticed the bars.

Last thing I could remember was walking home, and someone following me...have I been kidnapped?!

" your up " I turned to my right and jumped seeing a girl about my age staring at me, her wide red eyes bore daggers into me, her pale skin painted with mud and dirt, with black and grey torn clothes

" w-where am I? " I questioned her as I slowly sat up feeling my head bagging, I clung on to it pain. I heard her chuckle for a bit " we are the rejected " that's when I heard it, the cries and the whimpering

I looked around more, noticing cells infront of me and more around me, what the hell is this place?

" what? Why are you on about! Where am I! " I began panicking as I got up to my feet. I grabbed the cold metal bars between my hands and took deep breath, this isn't real, this cannot be real...
" we are the rejected mates of the werewolf's, because we are human they keep us down here so their enemies can't get to us " I looked at her for a minute and began laughing

She's clearly gone mad! Werewolf's? Really, I can't handle this.

" werewolf's yeah sure " I whispered
" my parents will find me! For sure, they'll find out that I'm missing an-" you don't think they have thought of that already? " she stood up and leaned against the bars " your parents know, they tell them and then threaten them to keep their mouths shut..or...or they'll kill us "

I stared at her with wide eyes " h-how long have you been here for? " she turned her back and stared at the wall, I then had noticed the white scratching on the stone wall

" 3 years? If im counting right " she shrugged. I took a deep breath, 3 years? I don't understand

I shook my head " no fucking way I'm staying here! " I clung onto the bars and began yelling, screaming anything I could, shaking the bars as much as I could do

Footsteps and banging could be heard, I stopped and stepped back seeing a figure approaching " shut up you brat! " he yelled, I looked at the tall man and glared at him " let me go! What the fuck is this you psychos! " I yelled kicking the bars

He stared at me with annoyance in his eyes, I looked around grabbing a metal cup in the corner " if you don-" before he could finish I threw the cup against the bars spilling water everywhere...especially on the man

Everything became quiet, even the crying and the whimpering. I watched the man look at me with sudden yellow eyes, he opened his mouth spurting out long sharp teeth and he growled at me..I fell back onto the floor in shock, my mind not fully  understanding what I had seen

The man walked away but I didn't move, before I could he returned. I watched him in panic as he unlocked the bars holding two chains
" what, what are you doing " he grabbed my arm, squeezing it as he threw me on the floor

My head hit the hard wall making me loose control of my body, before I could do anything my hands had been chained to the walls and the doors to the cell, shut once again.

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