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Maisie's pov

After turning around to catch what caught my eye, there it was sitting right in front of me.
A girl in a nude dress grinding on MY Carl with her tongue down his throat.

I shouldn't be jealous but I couldn't help it, my face flushed red and hot, as I stormed over towards them. I stumbled a little to the bar ordered a drink and watched them from afar. I was so pissed.

His eyes locked with mine but the girl was still grinding on him, that's when I felt anger boil throughout my body as I grabbed Damon from the dance floor and smashed our lips together, everyone on the dance floor cheering.

As I pulled away and looked over his direction his eyes were burning holes into my head I was so pissed at him but jealous Carl really turned me on.

Until the girl stood up and grabbed Carl's hands, his eyes still on mine, dragging him to the dance floor was when I got the first look at her. I wasn't surprised but I was definitely disappointed.

It was Dominique, out of all people, too smashed out her face to recognise me.
I sent Carl a dirty look and nudged his shoulder harshly as I walked out of the building.

I sent lily a text saying I had gone home early. Before looking at the time and it stating 3:23am.

All Uber's were unavailable and a taxi wouldn't be here for an hour so I text the only other person I knew.

"Hey Mais are you ok? What happened?" Lip rushed tiredly after three rings.
"Did I wake you I'm so sorry, honestly I'm fine Lip I just don't feel too well could you come pick me up please?" I lied mirroring his rushed tone.
"No don't worry about it Mais. Sure I'll be right there in 10!" He said before ending the phone.

I feel bad for waking Lip up at this time but I had to get out of here.
A few minutes had gone by as I stood close to the bouncers.

Lip turned the corner and beeped for me to get it. In his car he had a blanket and some makeup wipes sitting on the passenger seat.
"I thought you'd be cold, and you can use the wipes so you can get back and get straight to bed." He smiled slightly, I had sobered up a little now and nodded back thanking him.

I sat in the car and put the heaters on blast but before we could take off Carl climbed into the back seat.

"Were you gonna leave me back there baby girl?" He slurred after too much alcohol.
I just stayed quiet and bit my lip for now, he can get it in the bollocks tomorrow.

"Thanks again Lip, really appreciate it, love you!"
"Love you too mais" he replies stepping into the Gallagher house.
I decided on going home tonight, alone.
But Carl not too far behind had other plans.

"Carl go home! Why are you following me?" Him just being near me is pissing me off now.
"Mais, come on" he pulled at my wrist "we can have some fun!" He says pulling me close, flashing a smirk and a wink. He was drunk I was tipsy, I don't want this.

I snatched my hand away from his. "Fuck you carl, GO HOME!" Was all I said before slamming the door in his face. Hopefully not waking dad or V.

I woke up today at 1:06pm with a banging headache I walked downstairs and grabbed some pills from V's cupboard and a bottled water, before dragging myself back up the stairs.

I crawled into bed and pulled up Netflix on my laptop. Pressing on stranger things for the 100th time.

V text me saying she was round Fiona's and needed me to collect the groceries, I quickly jumped in the shower because I stunk of alcohol and quickly braided my hair. I left my face bare with just moisturiser and headed to Fiona's.

I walked in and the place seemed quieter then usual.

"Hello? Where is everyone?" I shouted, Liam was sat on the sofa and pointed up stairs.

I got to the top and heard v and Fiona talking in her room, I stepped closer when the bathroom door swung open scaring the shit out of me.
Out walked a tired and messy Carl. I rolled my eyes and headed back down stairs. I grabbed the bags and walked to the door.

"M, wait! Aren't you gonna say hi?" He must have forgot about last night.
"Erm. Hi?" I said before grabbing another bag from the floor and stepping back to the door again.
"Mais, whats wrong? Why you acting funny?" I couldn't stand him for much longer and thought the most suitable thing to do was to remove myself.

"Bye Carl."
"Maisie! I'm serious" he raised his voice now.
"No I'm serious Carl, I don't want to talk to your dumbass!" I shouted back.
"Ugh, a fucking headache!"
Was the last I heard before slamming the door behind me.


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