chapter 12

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Rosie pov:-

Someone was running there fingers in my hair, which was soothing and I sighed in content, I opened my eyes slowly. I jumped in surprise when I saw a woman softly smiling at me, I looked at my surroundings to realize I was in a unfamiliar plan. This place was a beautiful meadow, with a waterfall just before us. I turned to towards the unfamiliar woman. Her grey eyes was already studying me.

"Who are you and where am I?", I asked her little panicking , the last thing I remembered was the pain and thoughts, I expected to wake up to in the chamber with throbbing head ache with my husband by my side but here I am with a unfamiliar woman. She laughed at my question, her laughter was like a beautiful song, she was beautiful like an angel, she looked in her late thirties.

"Thats not how you talk with your mother in law", she said faking anger.

"Mother in law?", I blurted out confused, I gasped in shock when I saw the same dark grey eyes that was similar to my husband, she had dark hair just like him, some of the features were similar.

" I'm sorry, I.. I didn't know th.."

"That okay, dear", she cut me off with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Its not your fault, but our son's", an unfamiliar male voice said from my behind. I turned towards the voice to find man with blue eyes coming towards our way. My mother in law stood up and I too followed her. When that man came near I gasped in disbelief, he looked just like my husband but little older. He is my father in law, they both were my husband's dead parents.

They both exchanged knowing looks and looked towards me. I gulped and bowed at them, not knowing what to do. If they are here, where is my husband, and how did I come here? He had never talked about his parents to me.

"No need for the formalities, rise your head dear", my mother in law said softly.

"A Queen should never bow at anyone except her king", my father in law said sliding his arms around his wife waist and pulling her closer to him, she smiled widely. I smiled at his words.

"I'm Eleanor and this is my husband Christopher", she introduced themselves to me, I was still in some shock to react and I was panicking inwardly.

"I.. I...Its nice to meet you both", I smiled nervously. They both smiled nodding.

"Same here, here", Eleanor said as she held my hand in hers, her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

"Finally something good happened to him, after all the suffering he went through", Christopher said sighing softly. I frowned in confusion, suffering he went through? What are they saying? Wait first where is he?

"where is my husband?", I asked them confused as I looked around searching for my husband, maybe he bought me here when I was sleeping. I looked back at my in laws when I couldn't find my husband, their happy smile was replaced with a sad one.

" Dear, your not in the earth right now but in our place", I blinked my eyes trying to figure out what they are saying, not in earth? What does that mean?

"Am I dead?", I exclaimed suddenly, scared of the answer.

"No no, dear, it's just we have summoned you here, to talk things with you", I was getting worried and confused at the same time. Summoned me? Where is here? Before I could ask any questions she stopped me.

" I will answer all of your questions but after I confess some things to you", I just nodded my head. She took a deep breath before continuing, she looked at her husband for assurance, for which he just nodded and squeezed her hand.

"We were not the great parents for our children, Edward was born soon after we ascended the throne. It all happened so fast that we couldn't comprehend what was happening Responsibility and pressure was upon us, due to the that we always neglected our son for the duty as king and queen. We were great rulers but not good parents but, but our son Edward is a great son one could ever ask for, he never demanded our attention, always took care of himself even at a young age. He was always praised by the teachers and his care taker, he was good at everything, he did good at everything because he thought maybe that will bring attention to him, but we didn't", her face glowed in happiness talking about my husband. But I was not, they neglected my husband that was the only thing on my mind. Yes, the pressure of being a king and queen was stressful but they couldn't just neglect their own son like that. My heart felt heavy thinking about my husband.

"Few years later I got pregnant again with a girl, we always wished for a girl child so we were in cloud nine. After my daughter, Ella was born, she was a premature baby, the chances of her surviving was very low, so we had to give her more attention and again we didn't realize that we were neglecting Edward. Our beta, Frank and beta female, Becca thought it was a great opportunity to break our family started feeding all kinds of lies to Edward making him to hate his sister. He started showing his jealously towards her. Would make her cry and hurt her, we started to be more protective over Ella which angered Edward more. He thought because of ella we didn't like him anymore and she got all our attention not him. He started acting differently, became rude towards us. He didn't talk with us anymore, he stopped eating with us or any kind of things which involves us or his sister. He became cold and heartless.", a tear escaped from her eyes, she leaned her head over her husband shoulder, he immediately wrapped his hand around her, but I didn't feel sympathy towards her but anger that she treated my husband differently and he didn't do anything, his anger was justified.

"One day Ella went missing when she was 7 years old, we searched the whole kingdom but couldn't find her, after 15 days, the beta female, Becca bought the dress that Ella and wearing saying that she found it in Edwards room, we become furious and came to conclusions that he was the one who took Ella away from us, the love of our daughter blinded us from the truth that Frank and Becca was playing us. We ordered them to arrest Edward and make him to say the truth, Edward begged saying that he didn't know but we didn't believe, we tortured and abused him but his answer remained same, not one or two we tortured him for five years", I gasped at her words, tears threatened to fall, my heart clenched in pain, I cannot even imagine how hard it was to my husband that he got abused by his own parents for nothing, it was not even his fault.

How much more cruel they can be?


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