Chapter 2

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I packed my stuff and looked at the time- 1:08 a.m. The loud music had started playing again.

The alley was dark as I headed out the company building. It was the usual.

I covered half of my frozen face with a scarf and headed back home. I took quick steps but slowed down upon seeing a group of guys around a corner smoking.

Assuming they were dangerous, I turned to the right and decided to take the long cut.

"Hey lady!" they spotted me and suddenly called me out. Damn it, they saw me. I walked faster.

"Hey wait..." I heard again. I heard their footsteps getting nearer at the left.

"______" I froze at the sight of Mark as he pulled my hand from behind. The guys slowed down.

"What are you doing leaving without me? I called a taxi around the corner. Let's go." He spoke, making it loud enough for the guys to hear.

I didn't speak... I couldn't even breathe. He gave out a smile; it was the first time I've seen him smile. He was usually tired every time I complained to him about the music, so he never smiled.

"What are you thinking? Let's go!" he put an arm around my shoulder and pushed me forward to walk. He was so close to me, I could smell his scent. My heart beat became faster even though I knew he was just pretending to get me out of this situation.

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