8.2 Aiden's Art Of Modeling Professionally

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I shift on my feet, keeping my gaze fixed on the rotating glass doors of her center. She should just be signing out and my anxiety only ticks louder when I consider her walking out and seeing me waiting outside like a stalker. I just couldn't help it, though, thinking of her before anyone else came to my mind.

Glancing at the passenger side of my car with the window rolled down, I spot the copy of Vogue I brought with me to show her. She might not be interested, of course, but I know she'd be polite enough to not laugh at my face.

Every person who exits the doors makes me glance up, the slightest sound fooling me into believing she's here. It takes over fifteen minutes of wrong signals before it's actually her.

She catches sight of me, stopping mid-sentence as a smile spreads across her beautiful face. The girl next to her glances up at me and rolls her eyes knowingly. I can't help but shift awkwardly on my feet, trying not to grin too wide. I look weird enough as it is, standing in a parking lot like I have nothing better to do.

Slowly, she makes her way over to me, her friend sticking to her even when she politely tries to shake her off.

"I'll call you, okay, Mira?"

The brunette nods, her eyes piercing into mine and making me squirm. It's not like I'm doing something wrong, but penetrating gazes such as these are likely to make anyone nervous.


Mira gives Scarlett a one-armed hug and narrows her eyes at me before turning away. I grimace and Scarlett's smile widens.

"Ignore her," she tells me as her friend walks away. "What are you doing here?"

"I... um ... I got off work and was wondering if you'd like to grab a coffee."

Her smile slips a little. "Aiden, I have class."

"Oh, okay," I say, having been mentally prepared for something like this. "I just ... I have something to show you."

A little excited but mostly nervous, I stuff my arm through the open passenger-side window of my car and take the smooth cover of the magazine between my fingers, straightening up and gingerly holding up the copy of Vogue towards Scarlett.

Her grey eyes fall from my face to the volume she takes from me, widening instantly.

"Oh my God, Aiden," is the first thing that slips out from between her lips, her eyes taking in my face on the cover of the latest volume.

Honestly, I hadn't expected this at all. The incident had been anything but pleasant and the only thing I was expecting was to be fired. I was fired, of course, I was, with my boss telling me he couldn't have someone as insolent as me on the team. It was understandable; producers don't upset directors, especially not ones with the portfolio of Corelle.

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