Monday 23rd December ... For old times sake

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It had been exactly 9 days, 11 hours and 37 minutes since Id left Jodie lying breathless on her bed, wondering what the fu*k had just happened to her. We hadn't seen each other since, but we had text continuously. We'd agreed to take things slow, we both really wanted it to work, so we arranged to meet up on Christmas Eve back at hers.

I'd made a note in my diary of the above because it was when Id received a message from her stating tomorrow would be my night. I was so excited that my hands dropped straight down to my panties and pulled them clean off. Lying flat out on my bed, I spread my legs apart and dipped my fingertips into my wetness. F*ck I was horny. I had been since I first laid my eyes on her and no amount of self pleasure was taming my need to have her face-gripped, between my thighs.

Just as I was getting into it, the very image of it bubbling my orgasm, my mum called up to me. 'Fu*k' I'd gasped. My thighs clenching together by the torturous loss of my hand. I'd mentioned a few days previous that I might get my hair cut. Mum thinking she was being helpful booked me in at Cutz hair salon, the bloody place I used to work. I made a bit of a protest about it, coming up with just about any excuse I could, not to go, but of course mum didn't know anything about Elise, and when she reminded me of how skint I was and that I'd get a good discount, There really wasn't nothing more I could say.

I was hoping on my arrival that Elise had moved on, but no. Not only was she still there, she was the one cutting my hair. I greeted her with a smile, agreeing that it had been far too long and we really must meet up again soon. It all felt so awkward, we hadn't fallen out, just drifted apart.

Tying the cape strings around my neck, she gestured me to follow her through to the wash room, there was no one else in there and I seriously didn't trust the devilish look she gave me as I lent back into the curved basin.

"You're looking really good Thai." She complimented me, her fingers threading through my long ash blonde hair.

"Thanks, you too." I complimented back. It seemed she'd ditched the leggings for short skirts now, I shut my eyes, pondering over the idea that she perhaps had her eye on someone else. The thought made me feel unexpectedly p*ssed me off.

"So what you been up too? Anymore Brads in your life?" She asked me curiously.

"No." I told her, keeping the conversation short and sweet.

"Anymore Elise's then?"

I opened my eyes, tilting my head right back to see her. Her tone sounded real sarky when she asked that. I wasn't going to mention Jodie, but the smirk on her face informed me that my face had pretty much mentioned her for me.

"So spill, who is She? What's she like?"

Getting myself as comfy as I could, I closed my eyes again and began to tell her a little about Jodie. She listened without interruption as she got on with washing my hair. Suddenly those massaging hands of hers moved from my head to my shoulders, escalating in seconds, beneath the apron and on my t*ts.

"Elise no." I told her firmly. I tried to sit forward but she held me back.

"Come on Thaila, no one's gonna come out here, they're all busy wrapping strands of hair in foil."

"It's not that, I'm with Jodie, like properly with Jodie. I really like her El'." I tried to explain.

"You were with Brad, what's the difference." She pointed out, walking around to straddle my lap as she spoke.

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