Thirty One [The Truth]

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"Quit distracting me from my art project."

His fingers tangle into your hair and his head falls back against the pillow, an agitated sigh cutting through the tense space between your mouths as he mutters, "but you're so easy to distract. Mm-" He groans and lifts his hips to press his growing length against your center, "s'why you're always late. Can't we take a little break and-"

You laugh and smack his chest playfully before sitting up, Harry's neck straining and his lips puckered as he tries to chase you for another kiss. You're met with a disappointed groan at the distance between you and your soft rejection, "aw, c'mon. Gimme some credit. I've been doing so much better."

He doesn't have the heart to tell you that your improvement with time is due to him tricking you into punctuality, instead he digs his fingers into your hips and smiles affectionally before sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. His eyelids droop in untamed arousal and he ruts his hips upwards again, a hiss sucking past his teeth at the sensation of his aching thickness pressing into your humid center. His head lolls to the side and his cheek falls against his pillow as his mouth parts to draw in more air, "Nova, you've been doing so good." His pelvis rocks towards you once more as if to punctuate and confirm his sentence, his mind clearly lost within his own tent of lust.

You retreat off of his lap and onto his thighs, his hands balling into fists before he strikes the bed on either side of his hips in frustration, muttering something about you looking like a beautiful, ruthless tease in your  cheeky underwear. You chuckle quietly but can't yet bring yourself to detach from your coloring project, reaching down to grab his wrists and pin his arms to the mattress beside his head, "naughty boy. Learn some manners, will ya?"

Your gaze drops to survey the sight below; Harry submissively sprawled out on his sheets as he allows you to command his arms into a position of vulnerability, his stomach muscles pulling and stretching to force his ribcage against his skin with each heated breath. Your eyes drift lower to the happy trail below his button disappearing and beckoning you towards the pitched fabric of his briefs, your eyebrow quirking in curiosity and delighted control at the abandoned state of his power.

"You've got ten more minutes and then I'm wrecking you," and as soon as the explosive sentiment liquifies past his lips, the upper-hand you were flexing suddenly dissolves past your weakened fingertips. His hands relax from their fists, his shoulders and chest thawing when you release his wrists. You cup his jaw and dip forward to placate him with a kiss, his throat vibrating on a hum as his fingertips carve a path up your thighs to squeeze your ass in both of his widespread palms, "and that's ten Harry minutes, not ten Nova minutes."

His stomach flips when you scrunch your nose and giggle at his soft jab and his use of third person speech, nodding militantly and sitting up to bounce a two finger salute from your temple, "yes, sir. Can't wait to see the destruction, although you'll be dealing with the ruins. You better have a cucumber and tomato sandwich in your bag to feed my ghost." A shriek echoes off of his four tiny walls when he shoots up and tosses you back into his sheets, his fingers fumbling with the fabric of your tank top as he rips it up and suctions his mouth to your stomach for a wet and loud raspberry, "stop, stop!" He can hardly make out your pleas through the fragments of your breathless laughter, "I take it back! Mercy- you better not be timing this!"

His entire body freezes when you weave your fingers into his hair and cinch tightly, his scalp burning with your assault and his cock dribbling one then two spurts into his briefs, "shit- fuck, okay. I'm stopping." He relaxes when you loosen your grip, "my dick on the other hand-" A peel of your favorite reckless cackle bursts from his chest when you smack his shoulder and dig your fingers into his ribs for a menacing tickle, "alright, alright! Ten minutes start now. Go."

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