Fly Free

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Hiccup and the Windwalker did the same as Hiccup Haddock, but they did it much earlier. They were already ahead, as silent as mist. They followed the Hunters to a smallish camp, filled with thirty or so Hunters. On the left edge of the camp, dragons in dragon cages were stacked.

Hiccup had never seen these Vikings before. What was this Tribe? His mind jostled to the Murderous, the Visithugs, the Outcasts...

But then again this seems to be a different world, so it wouldn't have been those Tribes.

He was so scared and shocked, he didn't even have a plan. I wish Fishlegs and Camicazi are here with me too, thought Hiccup. They can really help. How did I get here anyway? How do I get home?

"Right," said Hiccup shakily, unsure of what he was going to do. "We're going to try to free the dragons.

"You can try burning the locks a bit, Windwalker," whispered Hiccup, and the Windwalker nodded.

The Nadder was placed a little further away from the other dragons. Hiccup sneaked behind the tents and reached behind the Nadder's cage.

"Psst," hissed Hiccup to the Nadder. The Nadder whipped around and hissed.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help." The Nadder jumped, for it had never heard a human speak Dragonese.

"How are you even going to help me? This cage is dragon-proof, and no dragon can either bite or burn through, let alone a little human's soft hands," squawked the Nadder sadly.

Windwalker whined. He looked expectantly at Hiccup, waiting for him to tell him what to do.

Before Hiccup could say something, a Something bumped hard on him. Hiccup looked around and saw a small wingless dragon.

"I heard you speak Dragonese!" squeaked the dragon. "I am a Speed Stinger and I love to paralyze people with my tail poison! My pack is behind there, so don't mess with me!" the Speed Stinger chirped.

Hiccup chuckled because the dragon was being overexcited and show-offy. "Paralyzing poison, you said?" asked Hiccup with interest. Suddenly he was struck with a brilliant plan.

"Can you do me a favor?" he asked, and the Speed Stinger nodded excitedly.

Meanwhile, Hiccup Haddock and Toothless had arrived, and they scanned the Dragon Hunter camp for the strange Nadder. He looked at the dragon cages, with dragons snapping and snarling, fighting fang and claw to get out, banging their bodies on the cages.

"Silence!" roared a Hunter, banging the cages. "Or else we're not feeding you in the next twenty four hours!"

The dragons quietened down, but still growling and snarling in fury.

"We need a distraction," said Hiccup Haddock.

And he got one.

Hiccup had whispered the plan to the little Speed Stinger and the Nadder, and they did what Hiccup asked.

Both the Speed Stinger and the Nadder screeched very loudly to get attention, and all the Hunters whipped around to see the Nadder falling stiffly to the cage floor. As it fell, it revealed the little Speed Stinger with his pointed tail raised.

"After it!" yelled an exceptionally fat Hunter.

Most of the Hunters disappeared into the forest. There was a simultaneous quiet-ish shriek, as the Hunters ran straight into an angry pack of Speed Stingers.

The Nadder opened its eyes. "Are they gone?" it asked, and Hiccup nodded.

"Okay," said Hiccup shakily. "Now we need to free the dragons."

The rest of the Hunters appeared to be resting inside some tents, so Hiccup quickly tried to think of a way to get the dragons out of the cages.

Hiccup looked around and spotted a large barrel of swords, axes, weapons and equipment. He walked over and found an axe which looked like it had been made with the same iron as the dragons' cages.


He lifted the axe with difficulty. Thor, it was heavy. But he mustered up all his strength and swung it at the Nadder's cage lock.

 But he mustered up all his strength and swung it at the Nadder's cage lock

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The lock broke and fell to the ground, and the cage door swung open. "Go on," said Hiccup. "Fly free." The Nadder squawked happily, and with a gratified "Thank you," it launched itself into the sky.

Hiccup had been gaining more muscles in his hard life as an Outcast, before he was made King, so he could still lift and swing the axe. But still, he was tired after swinging that axe. It was heavy after all.

The Windwalker helped breaking the locks with the axe in his strong jaws, and twenty or so dragons flew away, screeching with delight.

Hiccup was about to place the axe back in the barrel again to hide the evidence when a rustle from the bushes behind him made him freeze in his tracks, petrified with terror.

He turned around slowly. There seemed to be no one in there. He sighed with relief and was about to move to the barrel again when...


A jet-black dragon that looked absolutely ferocious leaped from the bushes and roared. Aboard the dragon rode a boy, about seventeen or eighteen perhaps, with tussled brown hair and... a metal leg.

Hiccup yelled in fear, dropped the axe, and scrambled onto Windwalker's back, and he too, snorted in horror, and they flew off, rocketing into the sky.

Who was that? He doesn't seem to be a Hunter, all skinny and he was even riding a dragon.

Hiccup Haddock watched in awe as the little Viking scrambled onto his dragon with fear and rocketed off into the sky.

"Wow, who was that?" wondered Hiccup in awe. "He freed all the dragons," he said, picking up a smashed cage lock.

Toothless warbled and nudged Hiccup. "What is it bud?" he asked. Toothless gestured his head to the sky.

"You want to follow the person?" Hiccup asked again, and Toothless nodded vigorously in excitement.

"Alright then." Hiccup mounted Toothless, and the Night Fury flew off, slightly more faster than the Windwalker.

But they both have forgotten to replace the axe back in the barrel...

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