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First Meeting

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The first time I saw you..

Your big black eyes sparkling with charm

which caught me in moments..and I wanted to be in your arms..!!

You smiled..and my heart raced million times faster..

I forgot the reason of standing there looking at you

I forgot to smile...Forgot who I was!!

Then you came...and gave me those formal hugs

I wished it was longer..

I found a place to be secure from all my fear..

But I had to let it go..!!

We headed towards our destination for that evening...

A candle lit the waterfall.

I was still lost...not knowing what to say..

I heared you speaking, looking at me..

I felt a shiver go through my spine...

I wanted to touch you..

Check if you were for real?

I wanted to touch your fingers...your cheeks...and touch your lips!!

I wanted you to be mine ...all mine..!!

But I couldn't say a word...I hardly spoke!

It was over...Oh, and I was shattered

Now will you leave me? I dont want to go now....

But no..My prince charming,

You took me to C 11 in d nite, My first time there

Walking side by side...and having ice creams...

And then I spoke...but stupid me,

I did not want to speak about my break up...

I wanted to tell you...How deeply I'm addicted to you

I did not....

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