You're Better

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Rule Number Twenty: If he cares he'll make it better, and if you care you'll let him.

I felt better today than I had in weeks, my chai tea that was piping hot rested beside me on my desk. While I looked through my binder of everything that had been finalized for my wedding.

I should have been working, but I let Ethel know to clear all my meetings and let whoever called know that I was busy. This Saturday, a mere three days away, I would be a married woman. That idea just added to my excitement.

The large glass door creaked open and Tom snuck inside. I smiled when I watched him try to be inconspicuous.

"What are you doing?" I asked shaking my head.

"Ethel told me that you weren't seeing anyone when I called today. So I thought I'd sneak back here without her knowing" his tight suit tailored his long body perfectly. I didn't tell Ethel to not let Tom through just anyone else.

Closing the binder, I turned my chair around to face him.

"You're working hard" he mewed, his cherub face lighting up with a teasing smile. His verbal motion to the fact that I hadn't been working at all.

"Of course, everything is going to be perfect on Saturday".

He had been so patient this week with my sulking. He was always so kind and patient.

Tom's hands rested on the armrests of my large leather desk chair. His figure looking at me as I looked up at him. In a slow fluid moment, his lips were placed on mine. The kiss soon growing intimate, it didn't spark or cause my toes to go numb but in that it was soothing.

We were learning about one another and it would come with time. Tom had never spoken about sex and I was far too bashful to bring it up. But I knew the night of our wedding would be our first. Earlier in the week, I had finally gotten around to going to the doctor to have my birth control situation figured out.

I couldn't have another mix-up, even though a baby, from your husband, within a marriage, wouldn't be the most horrible thing to happen.

I felt stupid, holding out for something I thought would come. It was as if I was waiting for the Sasquatch to walk in front of me. Thinking it existed but not entirely too sure.

Tom's tongue grazed my bottom lip, our kiss deepened and I hoped to God Ethel didn't walk in. We finally broke away, the longing for something more never coming.

"I should go" Tom decided to create a few inches between us.

Adjusting his suit jacket he stood up, "Harry's been out of it lately. I really hope he doesn't blow it with my dad".

The fact didn't surprise me, Harry not taking responsibility was nothing new. However, the cause of his distress was most likely because of me.

"My mom's always giving him second chances, scared that he'll never speak to us again. And my dad just doesn't have the patience for Harry's antics" sadly shaking his head Tom made his way around my desk to leave.

"What happened to make him think we owe him something for his presence?" I blurted, stopping Tom in his tracks. It was rather rude. I had promised myself that I wouldn't speak ill of Harry in front of Tom, even though it was tempting.

"I'm not the person to ask, I and Harry haven't exactly been close at any point in our lives".

His eyes dropped from mine to the floor, the sad reality in-between him and Harry teasing his thoughts.

"Anyways" he sighed, the tie around his neck feeling tighter.

"I came to let you know about our honeymoon. Turns out, the week after my work obligation I can take some time off" Tom's smile returned. His dimples we're infectious and I mirrored him every time they showed.

Before I had the chance to speak his excitement got the best of him.

"We will be going to the Bahamas for a week and then we're going to London to see my grandparents!".

The idea sounded great, Tom's grandparents couldn't make it to the wedding because of being advised of no travel by their doctor. His grandma recently had been having heart issues and so the altitude would cause her distress.

They lived in an estate in the countryside outside of London. I had never been, obviously, but I had been told it was a pure fantasy. Horses and an overall feel of English high-class society.

I imagined an old mansion covered in brick and moss, with a gravel driveway that curved around the massive home.

"That sounds lovely" I cooed.

As we said our goodbyes I tried not thinking about the idea that Tom knew Harry didn't like him. Maybe I was a pawn in the whole thing. Maybe I had been played. Harry wasn't loose with a bad habit of taking what wasn't his. Harry might have been very, very evil.


It was noon and the bar I sat in was stranded on a Wednesday afternoon. I should've been at work but everyone in the office had been talking about the wedding this weekend.

I couldn't stand it, I couldn't stand that my plan hadn't worked. I finally slept with her, and she still was going through with it.

The idea of going to their wedding and objecting because she had cheated on me had run through my head. The problem was no one would take my word for it. Everyone expected me to unpredictable.

I was fucked. And not only was I fucked, it bothered me that I couldn't even remember having sex with her. I didn't even get rewarded for my horrible deed.

There were a large number of women that I couldn't remember after a romp in sheets. But the feeling and taste of Ana burned in my memory forever wouldn't be that bad.

The whole thing haunted me, I never imagined feeling this way. To still have to witness the unholy matrimony after my foolproof plan.

And it didn't get any better when she came into my car to berate me. I was an idiot to think it would go my way, that she would simply just come to her senses about the whole thing.

She was delusional, Ana probably had a master plan already built up in her mind on how to make Tom believe she was the best thing that had happened to him.

Somehow amongst it all, I was made out to be the massive idiot.

My phone sat beside my drink, it was the second time that Noel had called my cell. She needed something because the vixen never called just to hear my voice.

Other missed calls involved my father along with Tom. My sudden absence in the office, unfortunately, did not go unnoticed.

The surface level of my emotions didn't care, letting down my family right now and stabbing my brother in the back didn't affect me the way that it should've. But deep down in a level that I rarely acknowledged and sometimes crept up, I felt horrible.

I downed the glass of bitter brown liquid, deciding that I should let the whole situation wash away. My plan didn't work and if this faded away without anyone knowing, it would be a blessing.

The only problem was, I wasn't sure if that was good enough for me.

Sorry, this is a crap chapter, I wanted to show the thoughts of both parties before we get into the heavy stuff (aka wedding). Thanks for all of your continued support, it means the world!❤️

©2017, thirteen13blue

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