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         Keith was cornered. Surrounded by soldiers, all of them pointing their weapon at him. He was helpless and terrified, trying to keep up his tough exterior. A gun was aimed at either side of his head, and one more poised at his stomach. He called out to Lance, voice hoarse from yelling.

          Lance was more than angry. He was scared. Keith was not allowed to die today. At least not yet. Not under his watch. He shoved through the guards until he was able to stand over Keith, in a protective, don't-you-dare-fuck-with-him stance.

          "Lance! What the hell? You can't do this!" Keith yapped at Lance but ended up fruitless.

          "No. I'm not letting you die,"

          "Lance, please,"

          "Trust me, Keith. I love you,"

           Keith was shocked. That was the first time Lance had ever said he loved him.

           And with that, Lance kicked his leg backwards, hitting a weak spot in Keith's armor. He fell to the ground, roughly landing on the palms of his hands. Keith tried to stand back up, but Lance's strong legs blocked his efforts. He felt tears prick at the corners of his eyes. What was Lance doing? Was he sacrificing himself?

            "Oh, just get it over with! Kill one of them already!" A guard shouted. Keith tried to cry out. The tough facade faded away. He was truly helpless, he pleads would stop nothing.

          It was only a matter of seconds before there was a pistol aimed at Lance's abdomen. All Keith could do was beg for the soldiers to stop. They wouldn't. Lance had tears in his eyes. He was scared. Both boys were terrified. They couldn't do anything.

         That's when the deafening sound of a pistol being fired rang out.


          The black and green paladins were still fighting. However, Lance was not. He had been shot near his stomach, but the bullet missed any vital organs. It was only a matter of time before he would bleed out.

          "Lance! Oh god. No, no, no, no. Fuck!" Keith shouted, crawling over to Lance. Dark blood seeped through his armor, coating the white metal and pooling onto the floor.

           "I'm not letting you die today, Keith. Not yet," Lance was panicked. Of course he was.

           "I'm not letting you die either. Come on, we need to get you out of here," Keith tried to pull Lance off the floor to stand. He had to stop when the blue paladin stifled a scream. There was no point in trying to stand, so Keith kneeled, sitting back on his heels, Lance in his lap.

           "Keith, mi cielito, it won't work. This is it." Lance said, quieter. Involuntary tears ran down Keith's face. Their helmets were off, and their hair, messy and sweat-slicked, but that no longer mattered.

           "I need you to hold on. Just, hold on for me, okay? We're going to get you home. You're not dying here!," the red paladin was near shouting. He was scared and panicking. This was his worst nightmare.

          "Keith. Look at me. I'm not going to make it. I don't want to die. I don't. I'm scared. But we made a good team. I need you to hold on for me. Just a little longer,"

          "No, no, please. Just stay alive.

           Lance saw his boyfriend's distress. He knew what to do, even if it was draining.

         "You are my sunshine,

          My only sunshine."

          He started to sing. It broke his heart, but Keith was frantic and panicked, almost nothing would calm him down.

         "You make me happy,

          When skies are grey."

            He was singing Keith's favourite song. The song that would always calm him down and bring peace to any troubles. It was always sung smooth, soft and melodic. But now, as he was dying. The lyrics were combined with sputters and gasps and rough coughs.

           Keith only realized what was going on after the second verse. This was it. All Keith could do was kneel, cradling Lance, comforting him as he bled out.

         "You'll never know, dear"

          Another violent cough rattled Lance's body. He was in tremendous pain, but kept singing anyways, to keep Keith calm. Keith kept pleading, whispering the same mantra of 'No, no, no'. He shook his head, as to deny what he saw before him. Lance's voice helped, somehow.

          "How much I love you"

          There was so much blood. The blue paladin could barely hold his head up any more.

         "So don't you take my sunshine...


           As the blue paladin finished his song, Keith was silent. Still crying, but silent. Almost peaceful.


          "Shh, it's alright. You're alright. Tell my mom why I couldn't make it home, can you?" he whispered, too weak to talk.

         "Please. Please hold on. Only a little longer,"

          Lance simply nodded once. "Te amo con todo mi corazón, mi cielito. Ir a salvar el universo,"

         "Lance, I can't understand you. Please, please stay alive. Please,"

          "I'm sorry. I love you, Keith,"

           With that, a final cough shook Lance's body, and he took his last breath. The fingers once  clamped tightly around Keith's hand let go, dropping onto the metal, now soaked in warm blood. 

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