The Crossroads of Destiny

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"There's no one else here." Toph said

"Katara is in trouble. I knew it." Aang said

"Oh, no." Sokka said

"Wait! Someone's at the door." Toph said

Iroh knocks on the door.

"Actually, we know who it is. It's an old friend of ours." Toph said

I hear someone walk up to the door, and open it. I see Aang, Sokka, and Toph.

"Glad to see you're both okay." Toph said

Sokka runs out of the house, and wraps me in his arms.

"Kida. I'm glad to see that you are okay. We didn't know if you were alive or not." Sokka said

"I'm fine, Sokka." I said

Sokka let go, and Iroh and I exchanged looks.

"I...we need your help." Iroh said

Aang and Sook move into fighting stance once they see him. Toph calmly smiles and waves at him.

"You guys know each other?" Aang asked

"I met him in the wood once and knocked him down. Then he gave me and Kida some tea and some very good advice." Toph said

"May I come in?" Iroh asked

Toph nods and Iroh and I walk inside.

"Princess Azula is here in Ba Sing Se." I said

"She must have Katara." Aang said

"She has captured my nephew as well." Iroh said

"The we'll work together to fight Azula, and save Katara and Zuko." Aang said

Sokka walks over to Aang, and points at him.

"Whoa there ! You lost me at 'Zuko'." Sokka said

"I know how you must feel about my nephew." Iroh said

He walks up to Sokka and puts his hand on Sokka's shoulder.

"But believe me when I tell you that there is good inside him." Iroh said

" 'Good inside him' isn't enough! Why don't you come back when it's outside of him too, okay?" Sokka asked

"Sokka, Zuko has saved my life more than once. It's time we repay the favor." I said

"Kida's right. Plus Katara's in trouble. All of Ba Sing Se is in trouble. Working together is out best chance." Aang said

Sokka nods his head in understanding. Iroh moves back to the door.

"Kida and I found someone outside while we were walking up. He might be able to help us." Iroh said

We all walk outside. Sokka, and Aang look shocked. Toph puts her hand up for a high five which I give her.

"Gosh I missed your bending." Toph said

Iroh walks over and takes the gag from his mouth. As soon as the gag is from his mouth he starts talking.

"Azula and Long Feng are plotting a coup! They're going to overthrow the Earth King!" the agent said

"My sister! Where are they keeping Katara...and Zuko?" Sokka asked

"In the Crystal catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se, deep beneath the palace." the agent said

I walk behind the agent and knock him out, then let the ice melt away. The others looked at me.

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