Chapter 6 - 09:00 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 6
Date: March 26th, 2018
Time: 09:00am
Location: Los Angeles

Sounds of people in conversation and the smell of fresh bulk coffee was quite a good distraction for the anxious omega spy but the more he searched the shop the more he became nervous...a spy agent nervous. Jesus Christ!

It really hadn't taken that long till he reached those warm mocha colored eyes, his beating heart began skipping multiple beats. All for this evil murderous man, Liam James Payne.

As Zayn approached the druglord he studied his casual attire. Another short sleeved shirt but it was black yet he still could define those glorious muscles of his. He oddly had the urge to feel Liam's strong arms strangle him to Zayn wasn't kinky but...

"Hey, beautiful." Liam greeted him with a quick wink as he handed him a cup of coffee aka his macchiato he had stupidly spilled all over himself the day before. 'What a sweet gentleman. Wait no! bad, bad gentleman!'

Zayn soon noticed the familiar heat in his pale cheeks. 'Oh god' "Uh hey."

Liam stood there just staring or well most likely checking out the young omega and Zayn had to admit he did like the attention but only Liam's attention. The thought made him blush more.

"So um-" Zayn ran a shy hand through his locks "Are we gonna sit dow or-"

"Oh ya of course, love. My apologies." Liam shifted onto his right leg practically pivoting over to couches "This a good spot?"

"Yeah it's quiet." Zayn sat first casually sipping away at his macchiato as his eyes wandered the shop real quick. He soon met the gaze of his fellow worker who gave him a nod to proceed with his task.

The omega sighed forcing himself to get into the best character he could.

"So" Liam was now beside him and sitting real close, their knees were touching and for some bizarre reason Zayn felt butterflies flutter around his stomach.

"So." Zayn repeated because honestly he had no clue what say. He legitimately felt like a stupid loved up teen girl. This was very unprofessional...VERY.

The druglord lowly chuckled "Tell me about yourself, beautiful." His full attention was on the omega and that put a lot of pressure on him like if Liam was ugly and stupid he'd have no problem pulling out his little tricks and such but Liam wasn't he was masculine and mysterious and-'Zayn come on! Think spy agent! James Bond!'

"Well my name is Rodger Malek. I am 25 years old I like long walks on the beach an-"

"Cute." Liam laughed as he made the usual "move" You know the sly stretching arm move where the guy secretly drapes their arm over your shoulder. It's quite romantic.

"I was kidding about the long walks on the beach." Zayn mentioned playing off Liam's moves on him.

"I know which is why I stopped you and made that comment." Liam explained calming his giggle "What's your hobbies? What do you do for a living? Are you into Alpha men or women?"

"Woah there." Zayn let out a breathless overwhelmed laugh "Lets start with my hobby"

"I enjoy painting on my free time. Sometimes I spray paint the walls of my house but my land lord gets mad. She reminds me of me mum." He partly lied. He did paint his walls back at his house in London but he owned the flat. His mom also did bug him when he'd attempt spray painting his room. She'd get on his case all the time when he was a kid.

"Zayn Javvad Malik! Don't you dare think about painting them walls!"

The young snickering teen held the pink spray can up to the white egg shelled wall. He wasn't going to do it, it was all only to get a reaction out of his mother. It was entertaining to him.

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