Chapter 49: The Move

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It was strange moving again, but it didn't make sense to stay in an apartment that was too small for Darian, Samara, Nathan and I. Especially since Darian and Justin wanted to be together and so did Samara and Hayden. I was excited to see everyone using my second home as theirs and I knew if Mom and Dad were still here, they'd love all of my friends - particularly Samara. Mom always respected people who said exactly what was on their mind and Sam never failed to do so.

Nathan reached over and placed a hand on my thigh and smiled. "Excited for your new home?"

"Our home," I corrected, but nodded my head. "I'm just happy to have all my favourite people in one place."

I pulled into the long driveway and put the car in park. I began to unbuckle when Nathan said, "Have you heard from Max?"

My eyes drifted downwards and I stared at my lap. Ever since Max heard Nathan and I were on better terms he hadn't spoken with me at all. I've tried texting and calling but he only answered once saying he needed time before we became friends again because he truly thought we'd get together. I understood but it still sucked that he wouldn't talk to me at all. Sam said to forget about him if he's not going to be happy for his friend, which I suppose she is right. I shook my head and Nathan sighed. "He'll talk to you eventually, don't let it get you down."

I nodded my head and grabbed Nathan's hand, giving it a tight squeeze. "I'm glad you decided to come."

"Princess," he began, studying my eyes intently. "I'm glad you invited me."


"The lovebirds are here!" Samara called out from the front hallway to the rest of the group who were spread throughout the house, unpacking things and claiming territories all around.

Music was blaring through the living room stereo and Justin was dancing around with a Swiffer Duster as he cleaned out the area, which was fairly dusty, meanwhile Darian was unpacking some of our dishes that we had back at the apartment. When he saw Nathan and I enter the kitchen he smiled. "Thank you again, Audrey for letting us live here."

I waved him off and leaned into Nathan, who was behind me and happily put his arm around me and placed his chain on my shoulder. "Really, I'm just grateful you guys took me up on the offer. I hated the fact I didn't move in when I first came here. But I hated the idea of being away from you guys even more."

Darian gave me a sweet smile. "Well, we're happy to be here."

From behind us, Hayden and Samara entered the kitchen hand in hand. Hayden and Nate did a little handshake and Samara shot me a wink. She moved to the fridge and pulled out a case of beer. "I need a break."

"But we just got here!" I laughed and everyone else joined in.

Samara rolled her eyes and took a sip of her drink. "You don't count. Most of your stuff was here to begin with, you just had to pick up lover boy's crap and you'd be fine."

I nodded my head once, getting what she meant and Nathan didn't have much stuff, so him and I didn't really need to worry about spending much time unpacking.

Justin came into the kitchen and caught us all sipping beers so he joined in too. "Man, this place is huge!"

Nathan chuckled. "He's not wrong. Our bedroom is easily the size of our old apartment."

Darian eyes snapped upwards. "Are all the rooms that size? Because Justin made that exact comment when we got here."

Everyone's eyes landed on me and I nodded my head sheepishly. "Yeah, the rooms are huge. But mine and Nathan's room is a bit bigger 'cause it's the master."

"Dude," Hayden responded, his mouth dropped open as if he couldn't believe it.

I placed my beer on the counter and held my hands up in surrender. "I'm a trust fund baby, I make no apologies."

Everyone laughed and Samara playfully hit my shoulder. "Trust me girl, no one wants you to apologize."


A few hours later the sun was setting and everyone was in their respected rooms settling in. Nathan and I were in the master bedroom, which I suppose I should now call our bedroom.

I was in the walk-in closet trying to find something to wear for bed when Nathan came up behind me and started planting kisses on my neck. "Come to back to bed, I want to watch Netflix."

I turned around and smirked at my boyfriend, who looked adorable in this moment. "You and I both know you want to do more than watch Netflix."

Nathan cocked an eyebrow and his hazel eyes danced with amusement. "You know me well."

I laughed and continued to look for my pajamas but I couldn't find them anywhere so Nathan quickly pulled his black t-shirt off of the hanger closest to my right and said, "Just wear this, you look better in it than I do."

I turned and grabbed the shirt and winked. "I know I do."

Throwing off the shirt I was currently wearing, I put Nathan's on and turned to see him with a hungry look on his face, leaning against the bed frame at the foot of the bed. He bit his lip as he approached me. "I will never not love you wearing that shirt."

I rolled my eyes. "I think you've made that pretty clear, babe."

"I love you," he said and he reached over and moved a strand of my hair out of my face. His face once filled with amusement, went completely serious. "Please promise me you'll stay."

I arched my neck so I could look at his face clearly and concern was evident as I stared up at him. "What do you mean?"

He scratched his head and sighed, looking conflicted as to what to say. "I just don't want you to leave. When we weren't talking and you weren't at the apartment, it felt like I couldn't breathe. I never ever want to feel that way again."

"Nathan," I began, cupping his face so he could stop turning his head away from me. "I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. I have no intentions on leaving you. Ever. Unless you tell me to."

Nathan raised his hands and they gripped my wrists as my hands gripped either side of his face. "I would never tell you to leave. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and there is no fucking way I'm letting you go."

I laughed and smiled sincerely. "Well, there's no fucking way I'm letting you go."

Nathan grinned and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. He leaned his forehead against mine and said, "I love you so much."

I kissed him again and grinned back at him. "I love you so much more."

Nathan shook his head and started walking to his side of the bed, pulling the sheets down so he could get in them. I followed suit and once we were settled he put his arm around me and pulled me close. "Finally, we can watch some Netflix."

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