Chapter 46: The Hurt

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I haven't talked to Nathan in near six days. He keeps texting and calling and apparently he went to Max's to try and find me, now that school was out, he was living with his roommate he had in residence. Apparently he tried to fight Max to figure out where I was but Max wasn't having any of it. No one knew where I was except him and Samara. Not even Darian knew, I didn't want to tell him in case he'd break and tell Nathan. Luckily my roommate understood and even met up with me for some coffee yesterday. Thankfully, he didn't talk about Nathan, but he did talk about this dog he saw on his way to work and how much he wants a dog now. At first it was cute, but then he continued to talk about the dog for over an hour.

Samara still stayed with me, borrowing my clothes that Alex sent from Alberta and taking my Tesla out for a spin. She claimed she only went out because she wanted groceries, but I knew she mostly went to test out the car.

I was unpacking things from the bags and placing them in the fridge when my cell phone began to ring. Without looking at who was calling, I answered. "Hello?"

"Where are you?"

I looked at the caller ID and I sighed. "Why do you want to know, Alex?"

Alex let out an irritated laugh. "I couldn't care less where you are but your dumb ass boyfriend won't stop calling me to see where you are. He really is a special one. Doesn't understand the meaning of I DON'T KNOW."

She started to yell the last part and I moved my phone from my ear so she didn't bust an ear drum. "Yeah, well, the point of me leaving is so he doesn't know where I am."

It was like I could hear her roll her eyes over the phone. "You're at the cottage, aren't you?"

I didn't answer because I knew if I did, she would figure it out. But regardless, she did anyways. "You have nowhere else to go. From what I hear, your bestie got booted from her place, her boyfriend is your boyfriend's best friend so obviously you wouldn't stay there, and your boyfriend lives with you so clearly you're not at the apartment."

"Alex," I began, placing the milk carton rather aggressively on the middle shelf of the fridge. "Don't tell him, I don't want to see him."

My sister laughed like an evil witch, which was only fitting. "Grow up Audrey, you need to face him sometime."

With that she hung up and I knew she had given him the address.

Quickly putting things away, I yelled for Sam to get out of the basement. She came up in a hurry and I told her we had to leave because my sister told Nathan where I was and I wasn't ready to face him. Not yet.

She understood and we drove in silence. Eventually I broke down, all my emotions hitting me at once and I hit my steering wheel with my hand in frustration as we were at a red light. "I just don't understand. He makes a big deal of wanting to be with me, acts like I'm the best thing that's happened to him, and then out of nowhere he ignores me and then kisses another girl?"

Sam looked at me sympathetically. "Men suck. But I hate to bring this up-"

"What?" I said, a single tear streaming down my face.

Samara looked conflicted as to what she should do. But eventually she decided to speak. "Hayden says Nathan is a mess. He says that he's never seen him in this much pain before."

The light turned green and I hit the gas rather aggressively, causing us to jerk forward harshly until I eased up a bit. "So?"

"So," Sam said gently, worried she might upset me. "And I don't usually say this, maybe there's more to the story that we don't know about."

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