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Chapter Seventy Nine

Jonah still couldn't get over how much Jack reminded him of Daniel. Something about the situation just wasn't adding up.

With a few google searches Jonah had found out Jacks middle name was Daniel leaving the situation more suspicious.

"Hey mum" Jonah said, smiling at his mums face on his macbook.

"Hiya love" She smiled.

"How are you and Arabella?" Lily, Jonah and Arabellas mum asked.

"We're good! Look mum, id love to stay and chat but i'm really needing help with something"

"Jonah, What have you done!" Lily said moving closer to the screen, a worried look plastering her face.

"You remember Daniel?" Jonah asked.

"Don't you dare tell me you got in contact with him" Lily said angry.

"No no, never. But, what happened with him when we moved away?" He questioned.

Lily sighed. She had never told Jonah or Arabella what happened with Daniel after they moved from Ireland.

"He got put into Radley. They let him out a few years later saying he was better" Lily shrugged.

"So he's out now? And can do what he wants?" Jonah asked.

Everything was getting pieced together bit by bit.

"Mum I have to go, I'll call you back later"

Jonah knocked on Jacks door.

The door swung open, Jack standing with a smirk on his face.

"Jonah, how are you?" He smirked.

"Cut the shit Daniel"

AUTHORS NOTE: i just wanna mention that i absolutely love Jack. This just makes a really good storyline!

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