Dating Gale Would Include

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-growing up together
-wanting to run away together
-your parents being best friends
-being a trio with Katniss
-Katniss making fun of how lovey-dovey you two are
-him looking at you when you don't know it
-brushing away strands of his hair away from his face
-him coming home exhausted just happy to see you
-tracing the scars from the whipping with your fingers
-being so proud of his bravery
-setting up traps together in the forest
-forehead kisses
-moving in with each other at a young age
-him listening to you sing in the shower
-babysitting his siblings while he works
-his mom loving that he has such an amazing woman in his life
-hungry kisses
-long walks together in the woods
-him being thrilled when you become pregnant
-starting a family together
-loving each other unconditionally

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