Dating Cato Would Include

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-hating each other at first
-arguing constantly
-training to volunteer your whole lives
-growing to love each other
-keeping your love a secret
-sneaking around together
-quick kisses between sparring
-laughing as the two of you fight
-people not understanding why you suddenly can tolerate each other
-acting like you hate each other
-long hugs that neither one of you want to let go
-tickle fights in the training center once everyone's gone
-sleeping together
-him being the big spoon
-being proud of him
-him being jealous of anyone who even looks at you
-his hands constantly on you
-loving his hands on you
-he reveals your relationship in interviews
-people claim they "knew it"
-Capitol gushes over how much he loves you
-good luck kisses
-losing him too soon

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