Dating Peeta Would Include

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-he always holds your hand
-kissing your knuckles
-telling you he loves you all the time
-nose kisses
-minimal PDA aside from the hand holding
-calming him down from nightmares
-supporting him through everything
-being able to tell him anything
-cuddling any time you can
-he bakes you all sorts of sweets
-he tries to teach you how to bake
-you fail but enjoy the time together reguardless
-you help him get away from his mother when he needs to
-naming your children after those who you lost in the rebellion
-him wanting a huge family so he can share all of his love
-growing up as best friends
-being neighbors who sneak over to each others house
-him surprising you on dates
-slow dancing together late at night
-no music is needed
-growing old together

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