*Request* Not the Same (Mikey x Abused Psychopath!Reader)

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You gasped as you woke up. You were shaking and tears were in your eyes. You curled up in a horrified ball. Monster, monster, monster, monster, monster, demon, demon, demon, demon, hell spawn, devil, freak, M U R D E R E R . The haunting voices chanted. You looked around and saw that you were in...a bedroom? Great. The nightmare isn't over. You thought. Suddenly a mutant turtle came into the room. You were going to grab your knife, but it was at that moment you realized you didn't have it. He smiled.

"Oh! Hi there!" He said with a smile. "You um...aren't scared right?" He asked. You shook your head. 

"Seen worse." You said. Done worse~ That monstrous voice cooed in your head. He smiled.

"Sweet! I already talked to my bros! They agreed to let you stay!" He said.

"Oh, you don't want that." You said.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Cause I'm a psychopathic killer." You said plainly. He looked shocked.

"U-uh...h-heh...t-that's a joke right?" 

"Do I look like I'm joking? You saw the dagger right?" You said. He looked afraid. He swallowed hard. "Ya know, since you're not human I guess I'll let you slide." You said. He looked a little relieved.

"You don't mind staying here and not going anywhere other than the lair right?" He said.

"No humans, no problems." You said.

"Wait....are you actually a mutant?" He asked.

"I'm an insane murderer, so let's go with yes. My brain is 'mutated' in a way." You said.

"What happened to you? I can tell you weren't always like this." He said.

"Something happened to me a long time ago. I went crazy and killed both my father and mother. They were abusive devils." You said. He frowned.

"Oh man....I'm sorry." He said.

"Sorry? I thought you'd be running away by now." You said. He sighed.

"I'd have thought that too, but I wanna help you." He said.

"You're the only one." You said.

"That's fine with me!" He said. You looked at him, confused. You sighed.

"What's your name?" You asked.

"I'm Michelangelo! You can call me Mikey!" He said. You looked at him. For some reason...he made it easier for you to stay calm. You smiled a little.

"(Y/n)." You said. He smiled. 

"I like it!" He said. He offered you his hand and you took it. He lead you out and you saw three other turtles. "She's awake dudes!" They all looked over. Their eyes widened. You waved. "Her name's (Y/n)! She's cool guys!" Mikey said. "(Y/n), these are Leo, Donnie, And Raph!" He said.

"One question, why was their blood residue on your dagger?" Donnie asked, clearly not trusting you. You shrugged.

"Got into a fight." You said. And the loser is still in that dumpster~ That little voice cooed. You ignored it. He looked relieved.

"Okay. That's makes more sense." He said. Mikey looked a little worried, but he quickly moved past it.

"So...wanna get something to eat?" He asked. 

"I'd like my dagger first." You said. They all looked at you in confusion.

"Is it special or something?" Raph asked.

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