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Chapter Seventy Seven

After getting dressed and getting their things together the group headed to playlist.

"Are you sure you're okay doing this?" Brooklyn questioned Soph.

With not having Evelyn long ago, Brooklyn was worried that Soph wasn't as up for the m&g as she was saying.

"Brook, I promise you. I'll be fine" Soph smiled.

While Soph and the boys where meeting fans, Sian, Jonah and Arabella took Evelyn for a walk around the venue.

"Imagine bumping into Bryce Hall. Swear i'd die" Sian said fangirling a little.

"Is he here?" Arabella asked.


"Can't the boys get you to meet them?" Jonah questioned.

"I mean probably" Sian shrugged.

After walking around for a while, bumping into a few roadies and a few youtubers, Jonah, Sian, Evelyn and Arabella ended back up at the boys m&g.

After meeting all the fans, the boys left with the others heading back to the apartment.

"Cameron messaged by the way, asking if we want to go out for food tonight?" Andy asked, as they all sat in the living room.

"Cameron Dallas?" Sian questioned.

"You're kidding" Arabella asked shocked.

"Yeah, Cameron Dallas"

AUTHORS NOTE: sorry this is short x

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