twenty-six ➶ flowers and showers

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"Good, some bruises here and there." I stated, pursing my lips while surging my shoulders. "But everything is all good."

"Good because Summer has her champion ship tennis match tomorrow after school." She stated, giving me a forced sly smile. "And I would love it if you went with me.....?"

I chuckled. "Your impossible, of course I'll go with you."

"Yes!" She said fist bumping the air before raining out of the room and yelling. "Gotta go, got to get back to set up for homecoming!"

I shook my head in laughter, Emma was truly impossible. "Bye!" I yelled, and she made some weird grunt noise down the hallway.

"You guys are goals!" Betty chuckled and I nodded in agreement, Emma was sure a character.

I walked over to the flowers and started to stack them into the closet carefully so that I could preserve them without breaking them into a million pieces.

I turned on some music only for Betty to take the remote from me and pause it. "You have a visitor May."

Turning around I looked at the doorway and found Frank and his wife—whose name I have already forgotten—standing at in the entry way.

I smiled and ran over to them and gave them a group hug. "How are you guys?" I asked, pulling away slowly.

"You're a ducking brick!" Frank yelled on the top of his lungs as he threw his arms around in the air and walking past me.

I quirked an eyebrow up at his wife and she grinned and shrugged her shoulders, we both knew that that was not the normal language he would choose in a time like this.

"What's with the word choice Frank?" I asked, spinning around and facing him only to find him laying on my bed with his feet kicked up and his arms behind his head.

He had a ghost of a smile on his old wrinkly face. "She," He said nodding his head towards Fiona. "Implemented a swear jar at the condo."

I couldn't help but break out into hysterics, did Frank really get that angry that they needed to move to a solution of a swear jar?

"And I, my friend, am broke as shell."

Oh god, dear lord help me I think I'm laughing so hard I'm going to poop my pants.

Doubling over I almost fell if it weren't for Betty, my body already weak after everything that's happened and the added fact that Frank was a true entertainer.

"And where the in the help is your parents?" Frank asked as he rolled off my bed so I could sit down after my little episode.

I rolled my eyes. "Guess."

"Cancun!"Fiona yelled, finally happy that she got to addd something into the conversation.

Yup, they did decide to leave now that I could walk and return to their paradise far away from this small town—I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to live with me either.

"What dicks." Frank grumbled, obviously not happy.

"Swear jar!" Fiona sang as she dug out s bag and plopped it in front of Frank.

"Dammit." He mumbled again and than paid two more dollars when he realized that he swore again.

"God I wish you guys were my parents instead of the ones I have now, I wish I kept the receipt and could return them." I stated, jokingly.

They didn't take it that way.

They looked at each other and a grin popped onto each of their faces before they swiveled their glances back at me.

"Well why not?" Frank yelled like a little girl.

Oh what have I gotten myself into?

Oh what have I gotten myself into?

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