Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I wait till I hear the woman walk from the room and out of the apartment till I leave my bedroom. After a few minutes of trying to push myself to go back to sleep, I hear Harry's door unlock and the front door clicks open and closes. I breathe out and rub my eyes. I guess I had furniture coming today.

I hear masculine footsteps come closer to my door and they stop. I hear two knocks and his voice rumbles. 'Can I come in? Are you awake?' Harry had this raspy, deep tone to his voice and rudely enough it sent shivers down my back. And I don't answer him. I am not a morning person and I don't speak till I am ready.

He opens the door slowly as I peer down at him. He peeks through then invites himself in. He closes the door behind him with a swing of his hand then he takes a seat next to me on the bed. 'I take it you're not a morning person.' He lightly chuckles. I shake my head back at him taking my duvet up to my cheeks. A strand of hair tickles at my eyelid and he tucks it behind my head before I could.

'If it makes you feel any better she wasn't that good in bed. Bit sloppy but hey, it was alright.' He looks away to itch the side of his neck as I let out a few small laughs, keeping my mouth shut as they flow through my nose. He turns and smiles down at me. 'Maybe she's better in bed with the ladies, but I'll never know that. And I doubt you'll help me find out.' he chuckles as I smirk and shake my head swatting at his arm.

'Is the furniture going to come today?' he asks smiling down at me. His hands held each other in his lap and I shrugged my shoulders in response. They should but I wasn't entirely sure.

I re-adjust myself to a more comfortable position and Harry keeps on eye on me the whole time. I lay back down and he looks at me and I look back at his eyes. They were coated with tiredness from lack of sleep but they looked gentle, so smooth, so vulnerable and I fell into a mesmerizing state just looking at them. And he was looking into mine. My dead, dull, brown eyes and he didn't shift his eyesight one bit.

I wanted to know what he was thinking, what ran in his mind, what he thought about me, I wanted to know it all.

'You're a stunner without makeup on, Anna.' He smiles as I blush back. I could feel the flames tickling at my cheeks. I smile and laugh. This time louder than before. He had this effect on me, something that always had me smiling at him, forgetting about his dirty remarks. It wasn't good either. I wanted to hate him, to disrespect him but there's something about him, something so delicate that latched onto my heart.

'And you're cute when you blush like that.' He smirks and touches my cheek with his thumb. I smile and grab onto his wrist. My intentions were to move it from my face but I let it stay. His face moved closer to mine and his hand then extended down my cheek to my chin and then my throat.


No, no he had to stop.


'C'mon darling, just for me I won't hurt you'. He growled over me.

Stained cheeks from tears and a slap across the face wasn't enough for him to stop. I tried yelling under the ball gag for help, my eyes wouldn't stop wandering the room for help, and my body shivered uncontrollably for help.

He laid his dirty hand on my chest and slithered it up to my neck as I felt his hand grip tightly onto my throat, almost choking me like the ball gag didn't do enough. Without no warning and no hesitation, he thrusted into me. I let the tears fall and the pain rushes through my lower body. I didn't want to break my hymen like this...God no never like this.

I just sat there, cried through the pain and waited for it to be all over.


I push Harry off me harder than I anticipated and he flings back in shock. His eyes widen, mouth opened and his brows furrowed in confusion.

'No had t-to stop no... Harry you couldn't.' I sit up in bed and my hands shake, my body shakes. My brain gives in pain with imagines from the past. I stare down at my knees that are cuddled into my chest and I shout before bawling into my hands that shook on my face.

'Anna?' Harry's hand comes to my shoulder. '...are you good?' his voice was small and shallow now, curiosity lingered in his breath. I shrugged his hand off.

'Please just go away.' I plead at him. 

'Okay, okay, I'm going...'  I feel the bed change its position as he leaves. The door closes behind him and I drop my hands as I lean my head to the bedhead. I squirm as I can't get the image out of my head. I let my body sink down and I continue to cry.

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