chapter 18:who are you

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"Ahh-"I open my eyes and saw someone sitting beside my bed

"oh-" you awake at last he sigh while standing and left the room

I hate darkness its my phobia from start why they left me in room which have no light but atleast now its better now because now my room is illuminated with light I thought, I stand up and went out from my room walking downstairs when ken call me I pace toward him.

"jack why you went down, are you alright now?" he ask

"yeah I am alright now sir"

"why are calling me sir just call me with my name"he retorted

"but you are older than me , its feel strange to me to call you ken"

"okay then just call me Mr.ken"he said

"sun-b-e" how it sound I said while pouting

"what you call me?"

"sun-ba-e"I stutter

"what I cant understand"

"sunbaenim"I explained

"how do you know hangul"

"I learn from my dad" I explained

"okay but only when we are alone not infront of anyone okay"he said

"okay sunbae"I giggle while holding my both hands

"sunbae you know noona told me that there is mafia known as "Justin" he is too strict and rude and kill anyone and also he smuggle drugs and human organs he cuts man in pieces and shreds a-" I try to speak further when ken sunbae interrupt me

"stop!! Stop! what you said ?" he asked

"I said Justin is a mafia and gang leader he is cruel an-"

"Do you know who is Justin?" he asked me while trying to hold his laugh because I can see the hand hie is placing in front of his mouth to coverd his laugh

"sunbae I am telling you about Justin right now, a serial killer, you know and you are just joking around" I pouted

"oh such complimented words in an introduction,just amazing"we hear someone spoke in cold tone,we turn and saw boss

"are you alright now"boss ask and told ken for work and ken left

"yeah I am okay"I said

"why yoy faint in the room"he ask

Did I told him that I am afraid of darkness or not

"I ha-ve ph-obia about darkn-ess" I stutter

"oh that's why you faint, lets come with me in my office I want to ask few question to you"

I follow him and he sit on his chair when he move his finger to give me hint to sit on the chair beside the table

"Did you try to escape"

"N-no I am not"

"then why you not come back with her"

"Because she already give me soo much favour that's why I cant take more favour" I explained

"you know you didn't know the address of the mansion than how you take such idotic step huh"

"I remem-ber th-at when I am f-ar aw-ay from miss jane mansi-on" I told him while stuttering

"Do you know the mans"

"no I don't know"

"then why you went with them"

"they said they bring me back home but they take me strange place and tried to do strange things with me" I mumble the last part because I feel tears coming in my eyes

"do you know what they were doing with you"


"then why are you fighting and screaming did they hurt you anywhere"

"y-eah they -tr-ied to s-t-rip my shi-rt and place cig-rate on my flesh"

"do you know if I not reach on time there they may rape you"he mumble the last part

W-what is rape I thought

He look toward jack who giving confuse looks means he didn't know what is rape

"don't tell me you don't know what is rape"

"I don't know " I mumble

"its just when someone tried to touch your private parts inappropriate way and without your concern"

"no they didn't because I don't let them to touch me, they just place cigrate on my shoulder but now I am right" I explained

"THANKGOD" he take a sigh of thankful to god for saving this kid

"okay do you know who is justin" he asked

"yeah he is a serial rude criminal he cuts body in shreds and kill anyone without giving any glance to other he smuggle human orga-"

"stop!but who told you this amazing story" boss said in a cold tone while smirking

"milli noona"


"milli noona"

"oh the pshyco girl" boss said

"Don't call him pshyco she is my friend"

"oh you make friend quiet fast"

"Anyway I am Justin"


"I AM JUSTIN I remember I didn't introduce my self "

"you ar-e Just-in" I gulp he is Justin and what I am talking oh my god please protect me



"call me justin"

"okay sir Justin"

"not sir only Justin"

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