Chap. 27

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Sarah Campbell

"I need this story from the beginning again," Aubrey said, raising an eyebrow. "Because I think I missed some key information."

"I've repeated it twice already," I said. "What could you have missed?"

"The part where you felt it necessary to plant your lips on the Quarterback's! I can think of ten ways to distract you without kissing you."

I felt my cheeks burn, my neck starting to heat up. "I had to do something! And my brain wasn't functioning."

"Because you were sleeping in the same room as the Quarterback?" Aubrey teased. "Too much for your hormones to take. You just had to-"

"Shut. Up."

The two of us broke down into laughter.

"You are something else, Sarah Campbell," Aubrey said, with a sigh. "So did you have the gingerbread house competition?"

"Only of course."

"Did you finally beat Ryan?"

I nodded. "You missed it, we went all out this year."

She let out a groan. "I missed Thanksgiving with the Campbells. My grandparents were such a bore, and I couldn't even drink."

I couldn't imagine a sober Aubrey on Thanksgiving. She was notoriously drunk every year, which always made for a good laugh for the rest of us.

"Well Joel crashed out on us early this year," I said. "Bet he would've stuck around for your drunk antics."

She let out an annoyed huff. "Do I need to have a talk with Grandpa Joel?"

I couldn't help but laugh at her long-time nickname for Joel. Whenever Joel would lecture us or decline coming out with us, or just act like an ass in general, Aubrey would start shouting Grandpa Joel until he shut up.

"He hasn't come out with us in ages," Aubrey pointed out. "I say that we rally him up this weekend."

"He's mid-wrestling season," I reminded her. "No way are you getting him out."

She just shrugged, shooting me a teasing smile. "Never underestimate the powers of Aubrey Lewis."


A smirk spread across Aubrey's face, which was never a good sign.

"So back on the topic of the Quarterback," she said. "When are you going to fuck him?"

The burning sensation returned to my cheeks. "Fuck off, Aubrey."

She laughed at that. "Seriously, what did he say after you kissed him?"

I shrugged in response. "He had a game on Saturday, so when I woke up he was long gone."

Her eyebrows shot up. "And you haven't spoken to him since?"

I shook my head. "Aiden went back home yesterday, so I was spending my time with him and the kids."

"Girl, you need to message him ASAP," she said, snapping her fingers to accentuate her point. "Don't kiss and ditch the Quarterback that you still have to peer mentor."

I hated that she had a point. "I will."

I was done talking about Adam, about my momentary lapse in judgement, about the kiss. It'd been a mistake... I'm sure.

Just a mistake.

"Let's order some pizza and watch American Horror Story," I said, knowing that would entice Aubrey.

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