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Previously on Absolute Blessing:

Sue Marie Asillo had been working in a company with Mr.Ikeda who treated her as his own daughter, after the death of Mr.Ikeda she stopped working because of the bad attitude of her new boss Mr.Pele son of Mr.Ikeda.

It's been almost a year since she left her work and no one knew the reason, cause it's the normal attitude of Sue ...

During those time Sue kept on checking some strange stuff like searching information about military training , keep tracked on the calendar , talking to her teddy bear , making frequent calls to a number, those acts made her Aunt very tired and sad.

Do you think Sue will stay that way for long time?

All facts will be disclosed by reading this chapter.


Until one morning..

Aunt was busy making pancakes, as Sue's often wants before, someone knocked at their door.

Sue heard it, while she paused the movie she watched:

"I go get it Aunt"


"No it's fine I'm here already, it might be Mr.Pele again and I don't want any trouble this time"

Sue returned to her room holding her phone, as she grinned while she recalled how she insulted Mr.Pele the last time he visited her, she opened her laptop and checked her emails as well , put her headphone and continue watching the movie she paused.

It was an old friend and neighbor of her Aunt at the door before she moved to Paranaque long time ago.

The Friend:

"Surprise.. it's me Olvita Marquez"

Aunt hugged her friend:

"Hello Olvita"

"Long time we did not see each other, come inside and have a seat please"

Olvita entered their house and sit while Aunt went to the kitchen and prepared juice for her friend while trying to call Sue but seemed she not hear her, so she returned to the sala and served the juice and said :

"Omg can't believe.. I thought I won't see you anymore"


"Oh I was in the neighborhood for some stuff and I remembered your place so I decided to come and visit you"


"Really, I'm so happy to see you again"


"Is that Sue Marie you are calling?"




"So she stayed with you now"


"Right.. Since her parents gone, I took care of her.. Let me call her"

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