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This was requested by Void_Maiden. Hope you enjoy. One more thing before I start, let's just make it clear that the Grimm is going to be a HAMAN formed from darkness. Not an animal like the other Grimm. Kind of like Velvet in her Grimm form. So in this chapter you won't be able to put in your own appearance. Here is what she looks like. Sorry it isn't big or clear. 

*Your P

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*Your P.O.V.*

          "Freak!,"one after another they shouted. Simply because we were different. We were "Monster". They didn't even consider themselves as monsters for the way they were treating us. They were perfect, flawless. In our eyes, they were the monster. They were the ones who didn't deserve to live. They were the ones who HAD to go.

          "Freaks, monsters, unworthy creatures. I've heard it all just like you," Torchwick went on,"We are the revolution. We will be the ones who show those humans that things are going to change. We are in charge now. They want a battle, we'll give them a war". For being one of those humans, Torchwick knew just how to get us riled up. He knew what we were going through and he was helping make a difference. 

          Beside him stood Adam Taurus, Neopolitan, Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai, and the mysterious Cinder Fall. I was different from all of the other Faunus here. My skin was pure white, my eyes were blazing red, I had a nevermore symbol on my hair, and white (f/a) ears. I am the definition of a freak. Everyone in this room didn't deserve to be called a freak or a monster. If I could give them a chance to have a normal life, I'm not going to let anything stop me from doing it. 

          I zoned out Torchwick as I scanned the room looking at all of the other new recruits. Well, that was until I felt a pair of eyes on me. I tried to find who it might be, thinking it was someone in the crowd, but I couldn't find anyone. When I looked back up to listen to Torchwick, I finally saw who was staring at me. Cinder's amber eyes were on me. Her gaze held mine for a moment longer before she turned away. 

          Finally, Torchwick was finished talking and now all of the newbies were lining up to join the white fang. So, I followed in suit, waiting to become a true white fang member. I would finally make a difference in the world. I pulled up the hood of my (f/c) hoodie to hide they way I looked. It wasn't that I was ashamed about myself, I just didn't want people to be afraid of me.

          I was one of the first to sign up for the white fang and immediately got a Grimm mask. I put it on, as it blended with my skin, but kept my hood up anyways. The meeting was over and all of the recruits were aloud to leave, if they wished, so I stared to head towards the door.  By the door stood no other than Cinder herself. She was well known in the Faunus world, but not nearly as popular as Roman Torchwick. 

          Her cold amber eyes could terrify anyone, but I wasn't one of those people. While she is powerful, she wasn't the most powerful person I knew. There was one person, in particular, who was much more powerful. She went by the name Salem. She was a lot like me and wasn't scared of how I looked and so I looked up to her. I'll do anything she asks of me, no matter what. 

          Cinder remained in her place until I approached,"And who might you be?" Her voice was as cold as ice. 

          I scanned her up and down, taking in her fire red outfit,"My name is (Y/n). I came to join the white fang, Miss. Now if you will please excuse me," I tried to step around her, but she simply moved right back in front of me.

          In the blink of an eye she ripped my hood off,"Not what I was expecting". She looked into my red eyes as I let out a small growl. She gave a devious smile,"Calm down, (nickname). I just wanted to make sure you weren't a spy".

          My (a/e)(animal ears) pinned back as I let out another growl,"Don't call me that. And if I were a spy you wouldn't be standing right now".

          She gave a small smirk,"You really think you're that tough, (n/n)?"

          I sent her a glare,"Keep calling me that and you might just find out". She was about to open her mouth again when Emerald called her name, beckoning her over. 

          Just before she walked away she let out a small laugh,"Don't think of going anywhere, (n/n)". I groaned as she walked. I wanted to leave so badly, but I also wanted to stay and see what happens. I have to admit, she's definitely interesting, and i was intrigued by her. I stayed.

*Time Skip*

          I sat alongside Salem as she spoke to her "minions", but my eyes kept finding their way back to Cinder. Her scarred face sickened me to see and anger erupted within me, everytime I saw her, wanting to kill the one who hurt her. She could hardly talk and, physically, she looked like she was ready to give up, but she was still fighting. And each day she got better and better. She is one heck of a fighter. 

          "(Y/n)," Salem's voice interrupted my thoughts,"You and Cinder will be going out on a mission I have for you. I need you to kill these huntsmen and huntresses,"she handed me a list of 10 names before continuing,"And I want proof that they are dead". With that Cinder and I were sent off.

          It didn't take us long to find 5 of the people on the list, but the other 5 seemed near impossible. Not to mention that 2 were a 3 day's travel away. We found the other 2 as fast as we could before starting our journey to find the others. It was very awkward because Cinder wasn't making her sarcastic statements, which I've come to love to hear. 

          We found a place to rest for the night, so I decided to try making small talk,"So, Cinder.. what do you think of Salem?" Hey, I said I tried, not that I succeeded. She stayed quiet for a moment longer, seemingly lost in thought. 

          "How long have you known her?," her raspy voice spoke. To me, she almost sounded.. jealous?

          I shook the thought off before answering,"For a while now. After I was disowned from, not only my parents, but all of society, I became a "monster" at least that's what everyone called me. One day, about 7 years ago, Salem showed up and she didn't turn me away. She took me in and has been teaching me everything she knows since". 

           Cinder's eyes remained on the starry sky,"I would never turn you away," her voice came out in a whisper. It was so quiet that I shouldn't have heard it, but thanks to my (a/e) I was able to catch it. A smile smile found itself on my face. I can't remember that last time I smiled. 

           I quickly sat up looking down at Cinder,"Well, I guess you can stay since you finally got rid of that nickname". A small, playful smirk appeared on my lips.

          However, Cinder also smiled,"You have too good of hearing, (n/n)". I turned away, pretending to be mad, but really, I was so happy I couldn't contain myself. Cinder was acting like herself again. I turned back to find Cinder was now eye level with me. 

          A small smile was plastered on her face as she slowly leaned in. It took me a moment to figure out what she was doing, but soon realize as I leaned in, too. Seconds later my lips met hers in a soft kiss. It only lasted for a moment, but it was the best moment in my life. I looked into her amber eyes as a small blush appeared on my pale white skin. 

          My head fell,"I-I'm sorry," it was all I could manage to say. 

          A small smirk appeared on her lips,"Don't be". She lifted my chin and pulled me closer as her lips met mine again. This time it lasted much longer. I coukd never be happier than I am in this moment. She was my happiness.

I'm so sorry. This chapter feels like the worst one I have ever written. I had no idea what to do with it though. Again I'm sorry. I promise to make the next one better. 




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