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This was requested by Calista240205. Hope you enjoy! 

*Maki's P.O.V*

          "Tag! You're it!," (Y/n) shouted in my ear as she ran off giggling. My small feet carried my 10 year old body after my best friend. However, she was too fast for me and I was unable to catch up to her. 

          I ran until I was out breath, stopped to catch my breath, and shouted,"Ok'! I give up! Please come back!" I heard her laughter in the distance as she ran back towards me. She stopped in front of me still bursting out in laughter. 

          Once she was able to compose herself she spoke,"Aw, Maki~. Was I too fast for you?" I hit her as hard as my tiny fist would let me. 

          "Why are you always teasing me? You're so mean!," I shouted in anger. I looked up and her (e/c) eyes met my violet eyes. 

           "I'm sorry," she spoke and for a moment I thought she was serious,"slow poke!" Ok, moment gone. I turned my back to her and ran back to my mom, leaving her behind. 

*Time Skip to Middle School*

*Your P.O.V.*

          I followed closely behind my crimson haired friend, as she headed towards our class room,"Come on, Maki~. Don't be mad. I was just teasing you". She was mad because i teased her about always being so tsundere. 

          "Leave me alone!," she tried walking faster in hopes of getting away from me, but I easily caught up to her. I noticed the her cheeks were slightly red, but I blew it off as it being because of how mad she was,"I really don't like you, so leave me alone". I wouldn't openly admit it, but her words did hurt me. Just thinking  that her words might be true, really hurt me. 

          "Come on, Maki. You don't really mean that, do you..?," I desperately wanted to hear her say no, but instead I got no answer at all. I sighed in defeat, quickly going quiet, and leaving her alone. 

*Maki's P.O.V.* 

          My heart raced in my chest. It was going so fast that I thought it could kill me. I'm surprised that she actually stopped talking when I stopped. She has never done that before.  I took a quick glance over my shoulder and I could see how sad she was. I felt bad for making her sad, but I don't like her teasing me. 

          Every since I started feeling this way towards her, it's getting harder and harder to face her. It doesn't help when she teases me.  

          "This is going to be a long day," I mumbled under my breath, so she couldn't hear me. 

*Time Skip to First day of High School*

          (Y/n) ran up behind me and hugged me,"Maki~! We are finally high schoolers! Aren't you excited?" 

          I immediately blushed at the contact she was giving me,"O-Of course I'm excited. I just know how to control my excitement unlike someone else I know," I sent a glare at her and that immediately shut her up,"Man (Y/n). You have too much energy".

          She ran in front of me, stopping me, and smiled,"Well, yeah! Of course I'm full of energy! It's because I'm with you!" She latched onto me once again causing my cheeks to darken. 

          "Le-let go!," I quickly escaped from her grasp and her smile immediately fell. She just stared at me for a moment, not making a single movement.

          I was about to apologize when she spoke,"Why are you acting like this?" Her voice was serious and cold. This wasn't the girl I knew. 

          "Acting like what?," my voice came softer and sheepish. I've never seen (Y/n) like this and it's scaring me. 

          "Stop playing Maki! Since middle school you have been treating me differently. I want to know why. What did I do? Everytime I get near you, your face gets really red and everytime I touch you, you pull away. Did I do somethingto upset you?" I looked at my feet, not really wanting to answer her. 

          After a few minutes of since, and I realized that she wouldn't let it go, I finally answered her,"You didn't do anything wrong. I.. Well I-I.. it's just.. since middle school, I may have.. l-liked you". By time I finished my whole body was hot and my face was beat red. 

          She remained quiet for another few seconds before responding,"I like you, too! You're my best friend, Maki". She wore her us her usual smile as she finished. I simply looked at her like she was crazy. 

          "I don't think you get what I'm trying to say," I stated. She tilted her head in confusion causing my cheek to heat up slightly. I let out a long sigh,"Just forget I said anything". She blew it off, thankfully, and we walked to class together. 

*Time Skip*

          "Maki, you need to do it soon. You need to tell (Y/n) that you like her," Hanoyo pestered me.

          "Kayo-chin is right, Maki. Besides we believe you can do it!,"Rin chirped in. 

          I quickly sent them both a glare,"You know it isn't that easy. Even if I have the courage to do it, (Y/n) is too dense to understand what I'm saying. She thinks that I only mean I like her as a friend. Maybe it's for the best". I didn't want to have to live with loving her in secret, but I don't know how to confess to her to where she will understand. 

          Hanoyo and Rin smiled at me before speaking together,"Then kiss her,"my face turned 50 shades of red as Rin continued,"That's the best way for you to get your point across. Plus you would get to have your first kiss". 

          "That is ridiculous! Why on earth would I kiss her!? I don't even know if she likes me back. Hell, she probably doesn't even know. I'm not kissing her!," I shouted as if my life depended on it. 

          "Kiss who?," a voice came from behind me causing me to jump. I quickly spun around, coming face to face with (Y/n),"N-no one!" I hoped she wouldn't question me further and thankfully she didn't.

          She smiled at Rin and Hanoyo, saying hello, before turning back to me,"Are you ready to head home, Maki?" I nodded my head and ran to grab my things as she left the roof. 

          Hanoyo tapped my shoulder,"If you don't kiss her you won't ever know if she likes you. Do you really want to take the risk of her liking you, but you two can never get together?" She walked away with Rin leaving me to my thoughts. 

*Time skip* (Sorry this is the last one)

          I could hear (Y/n) humming one of Muse's songs as she walked beside me. It was eerily quiet because I was too embarrassed, about what Hanoyo and Rin told me, to even talk. She was just filling in the silence. 

          However, she stopped in her tracks a moment later causing me to question her,"What are you doing?" 

          She kept her small smile on, but her voice was serious,"Did something happen? You've been quiet ever since we left school". I looked at my feet as Hanoyo and Rin's words came back to me. I felt her, immediately, wrap her arms around me in a tight embrace. When she spoke again her voice was soft,"You know you can tell me anything, right, Maki?" 

          I couldn't help, but let a smile form,"I know, (Y/n)". She loosened her grip, but kept her hand around my waist, our faces only inches apart. I took in a deep breath, thinking hard on Hanoyo and Rin's words, before leaning up and kissing her softly on the lips. I could tell she was shocked because she didn't kiss back, so I quickly pulled away,"I-I'm sorry.."

          I tried getting out of (Y/n)'s grip, but no matter how hard I tried, she was too strong from me. I felt her arms pull me closer as her lips locked with mine in another soft kiss. This one, however, lasted longer than the first and I immediately kissed her back. 

          When we pulled away for air, she smiled,"Will you be my girlfriend,Maki?" 

          I smiled and answered,"Yes". 

I hope you liked it!

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