Chapter 18...

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I and Blinx made it back to our bedroom. When we entered, Blinx flopped onto his bed while laughing. "O rosto de Kyle ficou tão engraçado quando peguei sua arma e comecei a atirar nele! (Kyle's face was so funny when I took his gun and started shooting him!)" Blinx said, giggling hysterically. I couldn't help but giggle as well due to his giggling. And because his story was funny. "Você foi engraçado quando começou a fugir dele! (You were funny when you started running away from him!)" I told him, starting to laugh harder. He laughed more as well and soon we couldn't even stand up. I was holding myself up by the kitchen counter as Blinx was rolling on his bed, starting to tear up from laughing too hard. "Eu preciso parar de rir ou vou morrer! (I need to stop laughing or I'm gonna die!)" I said in between laughs. Blinx nodded, but couldn't even stop. Soon, we started doing deep breaths to calm ourselves. But it sounded more like we were hyperventilating than calming down!

Luckily, we DID soon calm down and my stomach hurt. Blinx looked at me and I looked back. Then he started back up again. I ran over to cover his mouth, saying "Pare! (Stop!)" before I would start up again. He wheezed, but did soon stop and I uncovered his mouth. "Eu nunca ri tanto na minha vida! (I never laughed so much in my life!)" He told me with a big smile. I smiled widely back at him and said "Eu nunca ouvi você rir tanto! (I never heard you laugh so much!)"

Then I went on my bed and gave an exhausted sigh. I looked over on the floor to see Blinx's hat to his costume and the rest of the clothes for the costume on the end of his bed. Blinx saw me looking at them, then said "Eu gostaria de ter dado a ela um CLOKD. (I wish I had given her a CLOKD.)" "Quem? (Who?)" I questioned. "Mikaela..." He replied. Oh, duh. That should've been obvious. "Por quê? (Why?)" I then asked. "Então eu sei onde ela está. (So I know where she is.)" He answered. Oh.

We were silent for a moment, but then I looked at him. "Onde você pensa que ela é? (Where do you think she is?)" He thought for a moment, then shrugged. "Eu não sei. Mas onde quer que ela esteja, espero que ela esteja bem. (I don't know. But wherever she is, I hope she's fine.)" I nodded in agreement and he gave a sad sigh at the thought. "Você deveria trazê-la para a cerimônia de casamento. (You should bring her to the wedding ceremony.)" I told him with a grin. He looked over at me. "Por quê? (Why?)" He asked. "Eu acho que ela vai gostar. E ela vai conhecer mais pessoas. (I think she'll like it. And she'll meet more people.)" I replied. "Ela não gosta de multidões...(She doesn't like crowds...)" He told me flatly. Oh, well, I didn't know that. Oops...

"Eu ainda acho que ela deveria ir. (I still think she should go.)" I said, leaning closer his direction. "Essa é a escolha dela. (That's her choice.)" He replied. "Por favor? (Please?)" I begged. He looked at me in confusion. "Por que você está tão obcecado por ela ir ao casamento de alguém? (Why are you so obsessed with her going to someone's wedding?)" He asked me with some concern in his voice. "Porque acho que você deveria passar mais tempo com ela. (Because I think you should spend more time with her.)" I  replied, putting a hand on my hip and cocking my head to the side. He sighed and said "E se ela não quiser ir? (What if she doesn't want to go?)" "Em seguida ela não sabe o que está perdendo. (Then she's doesn't know what she's missing out on.)" I simply replied.

He was silent, but gave me a dirty look. What? I'm not being suspicious...Am I? Then he gave a sigh of defeat. "Ok, tudo bem. Eu tentarei fazê-la venha. (Ok, fine. I'll try to make her come.)" "SIM! (YES!)" I shouted in victory, causing Blinx to be startled and almost fall off his bed. I know he'll be beside her the whole time, so I don't have to worry about that part. All I need to worry about now is making HER outfit...

...And that Blinx will dance with her when they get there...

Sometime later, the door to our room slowly opened. Blinx and I perked up to see who could be opening the door, and it was Mikaela! Blinx's eyes lit up as he jumped up and ran over to her like when a kid sees an ice cream truck. "You...BACK!" He shouted as he hugged her tightly, but not too tight. I don't know what he said, but he sounds pretty happy! Mikaela awkwardly smiled at him and didn't move.

When Blinx let go of her, he scratched the back of his head as his cheeks flushed a bit. "S-sorry..." He said. She nodded at him and looked at the floor, her ears down. "I'm sorry for reacting how I did earlier. What I did was unneeded and I kinda overreacted. You didn't really do anything wrong, I was just angry that you forced that cat to leave like that and started a fight. I hope you can forgive me..."

Uh...What? I don't know what she said, but I could sense nervousness and shame coming from her by her body language. Her hands were cupped together behind her back, her head was hung low, her ears were down, and she looked away from him. I looked at Blinx, whose ears were down and had a sympathetic smile on his face, and he said back to her "I...forgive you. I am...sorry too..." Mikaela looked up at him and smiled shyly, then lightly and briefly embraced him. He was hesitant and shocked when she hugged him; and when she let go, he smiled back compassionately.

I'm not sure what's going on, but it's something good, that's all I know. Blinx turned to me, saw my confused face, and said "Tudo está bem. Nós nos perdoamos. (Everything is good. We forgive each other.)" I did a fist pumped to myself. Score! "Agora conte a ela sobre o casamento! (Now tell her about the wedding!)" I told him. He turned back to her and hesitated. "I like go with me!"

Immediately, Mikaela's face went to shock and she yelled "WHAT?! I don't want a wedding!" Oh no, now she's mad! Blinx! What did you say or do!? "No, no, no, no, no! No Benito! It is, for...friend! You...dress up!" He told her. From the motions of his hands and his expressions, he was trying to explain something to her. She calmed her tense body and sighed. "Oh, ok. So we're invited to someone's wedding ceremony?" She said. "Yes." Blinx replied.

Then Blinx looked back at me. "Ela está vindo. (She is coming.)" He told me. YES! I did another fist pump. Yay! She's gonna go with Blinx! My plan is working very well so far! Now all I need to do is think of an outfit for her, then it's all up to Blinx when he goes to that party. And when they go, HE BETTER NOT MESS UP ANYTHING!

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