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I've been tagged twice, and I thought I would answer this with my answers, and Alec's, because he had a notebook filled with facts on him that he updated everyday.

I was tagged by gigglywork126

 I was tagged by gigglywork126

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1. Mitchell: Forbidden by Todrick Hall
Alec: One More light By Linkin Park

2. Mitchell: Lee
Alec: Korey

3. Mitchell: I'm dating two people and I love them very much. (Polyamory, not cheating)
Alec: I'm actually dating my crush, Caleb and I love him very much.

4. Mitchell: probably Friday the 13th.
Alec: March 7th.

5. Mitchell: Forever and Always by Taylor Swift
Alec: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

6. Mitchell: Brandon Rogers
Alec: Brandon Rogers

7. Mitchell: Pan-polygamous
Alec: I am very much gay

8. Mitchell: "Fuck off" -Mythology_Geek
Alec: "Alec" -Caleb ok, here he actually put Caleb "ah-ah-alllec, please-ah ah." Even included a little flash drive with the sound of Caleb moaning on it, so yeaaaaaah.

9. Mitchell: Haikyuu!!!
Alec: Yuri on Ice, I am a VERY sexy pork cutlet bowl

10. Mitchell: Gravity Falls
Alec: Halloween Wars

11. Mitchell: Robots
Alec: The Shining

12. Mitchell: The Book Thief, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter
Alec: to Kill a Mockingbird, Between Shades of Grey, The book thief

13. Mitchell: yes
Alec: a lot

And Fuck_Off_Perv

And Fuck_Off_Perv

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1. Mitchell: Mitchell
Alec: Alec

2. Mitchell: Taken
Alec: Taken

3. Mitchell: one
Alec: Two

4. Mitchell: I don't fall in love with trees.
Alec: It was a lovely Apple tree, his leaves were soft and I could talk to him all day. His name was Adam.

5. Mitchell: Baked
Alec: sweet

6. Mitchell: my friend in school for the science fair built this huge thing that was actually a straw out of glass and plastic, and I sat in the middle of it, drinking something that tasted like he mixed a bunch of wine coolers together as the liquid rushed around me in different tubes.
Alec: at some party my parents forced me to, I went to the teen room, where the bartender was giving out free drinks and I asked for everything and he gave me this huge glass and poured like 327169274739 drinks in it. I drank it. Nasty. I then got another glass of it and proceeded to pour it on my mother's enemy's son. He was a snob and deserved it. Jacob Nathaniel Brown, age 16, birthday May 14, if you're reading this then go fuck yourself.

7. Mitchell: nothing.
Alec: I once went to a nude beach in a bathing suit then proceeded to gather a large group who ran around screaming at the top of our lungs, then we all passed out and woke up on the clothed beach. We feel asleep on the nude beach.

8. Mitchell: I don't wear a bra
Alec: if I was a girl, I would have maybe b cup, like not to big, not to small. Hopefully cute boobs. When he was answering this question he asked Caleb. I heard him.

9. Mitchell: Wolf
Alec: As of right now, I like Bats

10. Mitchell: Abby
Alec: Caleb. That was one I answered for him.

That's all I'm gonna tag, hopefully you don't hate me.

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