Wait, what?!

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Chapter 22

Megan's P.O.V.

It’s been two weeks since Ryan and I went out on a date and we’re getting really close again. I go out with him almost every night. Some nights to dinner, some nights go to the beach, and others we just hang out. Luckily we were on a break, so we are still in LA and it’s easy to see each other. But in two days we’re leaving for another state, so I really have to get him his job back. Ryan has yet to ask me to be his girlfriend, but I think he’s just giving me some time, because of what happened last time. The boys I’m pretty sure something’s up. I mean there are only so many times I can use the going out with Lucas or shopping excuse. Tonight it was the Lucas excuse, but I really need to tell the boys soon.

“Thanks Ryan. I had a really great time tonight.” I say as I’m about to go into the elevator. I kiss him on the cheek and go to walk into the waiting elevator. Right as I’m about to go in, he grabs my wrist and spins me around to face him.

“I just wanna say Megan, that is you can’t get me my job back or you don’t want to, I completely get it. And if that does happen I want to let you know that I really do love you. I know you still probably haven’t completely forgiven me yet, but I want you to know that you giving me a second chance is enough. And I just wanted to let you know before it to la-“ He explains and I cut him off.

“Can you please just shut up and kiss me?” I ask and he looks shocked, but then presses his lips to mine. After a moment of pure bliss I pull away. “That was perfect.”

“Extremely. So do you forgive me?”

“Of course, I’ve forgiven you for a while now.” I say and smile.

“So will you go out with me?” He asks and I feel happiness surge through me.

“Of course I will. Now I need to go upstairs to the boys before they get suspicious. I think they already are.” I say and give him a peck on the lips before walking into the elevator. “Bye, love!”

“Bye, Megan!” He says as the doors close. As the elevator goes up I think about how I could tell the boys that I was dating him. The elevator gets to my floor and I get out. I walk into the pent house and see all the guys sitting there watching 21 Jump Street.

“Hey guys!” I say as I throw my bag on the ground.

“How was Lucas?” Niall asks.

“He’s good.” I say as I walk through the door to the kitchen. I’m putting together a sandwich when I hear the kitchen door open and close. I look up and smile. “Hey, Harry!”

Hey, Megan. Can I talk to you?” He asks and I look  at him curiously.

“Okay…” I say skeptically.

“What’s going on between Lucas and you?” He asks and I look at him weirdly.

“Nothing, he’s one of my best friends.” I say and he gives me a look.

“Then why are you going out with him so often, and you’re always so dressed up when you go to see him. And you’re always texting with a bright smile on your face. It’s obvious. He’s not trustworthy Megan. He seems untrustworthy. I always see him staring at us and a whole bunch of girls.” He says and I feel like yelling, but laughing. I doubt Lucas was staring at those girls for those reasons.

“Lucas is untrustworthy? What about one of my best friends who every time I get close to someone, they jump in and try to drive a wedge between us and tear us apart! What about the best friend who can be so funny and nice and caring, but then the second something happens that he doesn’t like he freaks out. And what about the guy who can be so close with me, and then the second I get close to a guy he gets all jealous and angry. Or a guy who seems to always be there for me, but then when his girlfriend trash talks me and yeah he stood up for me once, but the rest of the time he just sits there letting her do it. That type of guy sounds untrustworthy.” I say and you can see hurt in his eyes. “And besides, there’s no way I’m dating Lucas! He wouldn’t even want too!” I yell.

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