c. eleven

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"Mr and Mrs St. Clair, Nicholas. On behalf of our mother and father, welcome to Riverdale." Veronica greeted our guest with a wide smile. I also held a less happy smile, showing my love through a fake one. "While you're in town, think of us as your corporate concierge. Anything you need, ask away." She added.

Pushing his parents out of his way, Nicholas walked up my sister with his smug look. "How about a better hotel, to start" he joked, pulling my sister in a hug and giving her a kiss on the cheek. He did the same with me.

I hadn't seen Nick since we left New York. He still looked the same with his brown curls and smirk. "Now, now, Nicholas. It's not the Waldorf, nor the Plaza, but the Five Seasons, like all of Riverdale has it's charm." My sister answer him with a confident smile. Nicholas shook his head and looked between us.

"Two charms. Veronica and Amelia Lodge. Both lovely as ever." True Nick, always trying to give Chuck Bass a run for his money, with his words that allure any girl he spoke to. My sister and I looked at each with the same smile then turned back to Nicholas, beginning to talk about New York.


Tonight was Jughead's initiation. I promised him and Toni I'd come, making an excuse not to attend dinner with my family and the St. Clairs. It was at the Wyrm and I knew Sweet Pea would be there.

I've been ignoring his messages for the past few days, even doing the same with Fangs and Toni. I'm not sure why I did it too Toni and Fangs, but I told myself it was because it'd look sketchy if I didn't.

When I got to the Whyte Wyrm I stayed beside Toni and Jughead, avoiding Sweet Pea who was everywhere I turned. After a few close encounters, Tall Boy announced that the trial would start, beginning with Jughead reciting every law. I stood next to Toni, feeling her nervousness bouncing off her as Jughead spoke every law.

"What is the fourth law?" Tall Boy shouted in Jughead's face. I was surprised at how good he was going so far, especially after how bad Toni said he was during practice. "No Serpent is left for dead!" Jughead spat back to Tall Boy. Toni was starting to stress again, grabbing my hand as they continued to yell.

"What is the fifth law?" Tall Boy questioned Jughead. Toni turned to me, biting her lip in a stressful matter. "A Serpent never betrays his own!" Jughead yelled back. "What is the sixth law?" This was the last law.

"In unity, there is strength!" Jughead fires back. Tall Boy looked out to the audience who all repeated Jughead's answer. "In unity, there is strength!" Toni had a pleased look, relieved that Jughead had done good so far.

The room fell silent with the loud rock playing over the speakers in the background. Tall Boy patted Jughead on the shoulder as he spoke to him. "You know the laws. Now it's time for the next trial." Jughead had a determined expression as he awaited the rules for the next step.

Tall Boy gestured towards the table Fangs and Sweet Pea leaned against. As the two boys separated into the crowd, it revealed a glass box with a snake curled up inside. It was looking at a frightened Jughead who was panicking at the sight. Tall Boy smirked at Jughead.

"Retrieve the knife" Tall Boy ordered. I held the same shocked expression as Jughead at the sight in front of me. Turning to Toni she was worried, swallowing the lump in her throat. "What?" It was more a comment then a question Jughead said, eyes still glued to the rattle snake inside.

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