Chapter 25: Right

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The wait is long and boring, but it also acts as a little reflection sheet you would get in class as a third grader

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The wait is long and boring, but it also acts as a little reflection sheet you would get in class as a third grader. Jimin's nagging and scolding is selfish in its own ways, and he's both right and wrong, but you're still not sure. You can't keep your mind off of one thing and it's driving you insane.

The kiss felt right.

It's not just that the kiss felt good, but it felt right. It felt like it was something you've been needing and wanting, but at the same time, it's Jimin. Your mind is wrapped around the small thought like muscles are to the bone and it's bothering you. Your mind is being abused, it's being pestered and harassed with all of these new, confusing thoughts that it doesn't feel wrong about.

But it's not right either, because you're wondering if you actually like Jimin or not. It sounds impossible yet completely, totally possible all at once. So you take a look at him and admire him as his blue eyes roam the room and as his fingers tap against the floor.

"But what, Jimin?" You nervously question, referring to his previous incomplete thought. "I want to know..."

"Will you care?"


Jimin rolls his eyes and scoffs before dramatically rolling his head around until it twists to face your direction, however his eyes stay glued to the wall to his right. "I like you."

"You hate me but you like me?" You breathe as you draw small patterns onto the floor with your index finger. "Yeah. Pretty much," Jimin chuckles, "but I'm not sure if I should trust the little bit of hate me if I should just trust the majority of what I fe- of how I feel." Your art drawn by dust and dirt is wiped away by your hand due to nervousness as you move your hand to a different spot to create a new work of art. "I'm not answering that question."

You won't fall for him. It's not even possible.


"You don't need to," Jimin grins, "this is something I can deal with on my own time. You don't need to stress over it."

God damnit, Jimin, why do you have to bring out your sweet and charming side now of all times?

You clear your throat and shove that thought aside before dusting yourself off and bringing yourself back up to your feet. You and Jimin look at one another for a long while, and no matter how awkward it seems, it just isn't, not to you or Jimin. "Are you mad at me for kissing you?" He asks, rubbing the back of his neck as he does so. "No!" Your response is quick and hasty and you cover your mouth just as swiftly after you shout.

"What's wrong?"

You liked it. That's what's wrong.

"Nothing is wrong!!" You sheepishly rub the side of your arm and try to avoid any and all eye contact you could possibly make with Jimin for the next few seconds. "Whatever is bugging you, you should tell me," Jimin pleads with his hands holding one another to emphasize his begging. "It's nothing, Jimin," you reassure, your voice now more relaxed.

"What happened in that cage before I came here?"

Crap. You forgot Jin was here, and apparently, so did Jimin.

"We missed!" You screech, thinking of the first word your mind could rhyme kiss with. "Yeah," Jimin tries to hide his sigh of disappointment, "we missed... you guys! And we thought it was weird because it's only been a day."

"Awwwh, how cute!" Jin forces a loud laugh, and at first you think it's him trying it be nice, but then his face goes blank before his eyes pierce right through you soul.


You timidly look up at Jimin once he defensively stands up and switch your gaze back towards Jin. "You guys kissed!! Oh boy," he squeals, "this is gonna be the talk of Bangtan!! Y/N, did you like it? Jimin, did you?? Who kissed who?!"

"Jin, sto-"

"I kissed her," Jimin sighs, "and yeah. It was nice."

Wait a minute— backtrack!! Weren't the both of you trying to keep anybody from knowing about the kiss in the first place? If so, that's in the past because Jimin can't stop bragging about it now.

"It started off with that... moment," he sighs, starstruck, "and pretty soon, one thing led to ano—"

"Nothing happened," you grit your teeth as your hand darts over Jimin's mouth to prevent it from spewing any more ignorant words. "We were talking about everything that's happened, and it just... happened. But that's all!" Jimin grins at your panic and watches you switch your gaze to his face and just... admire him.

And you don't even realize you're doing it, especially because he's just letting you. He lets you swoon over him for a good light year or two before he finally waves his hand in your face, but you still don't have a reaction because you're zoned out. However, you finally have one when you finally realize Jimin's face is getting bigger for a reason.

"I was just trying to snap you out of it," Jimin defends as soon as he pulls his face away from yours. "You were totally zoned out."

"Whatever." You start towards the door to leave the two of them right where they are, but then you remember.

That's right, I can't just walk myself home.

So you sigh in defeat and turn back around, and rather than walking back to Jimin and Jin, you just collapse to the floor and stare at the ceiling. You don't care about the fact that you scared the life out of the two panicking boys who are full-on sprinting towards you, not at all.

"Y/N!" Jin hollers, "Are you alright?!"

"I'm fine," you whisper as you continue to stare up at the ceiling, wishing it was the actual sky and not the top of a dungeon, "-don't worry about me." You send Jimin a dark glare after he finishes his question.

"Y/N, why do you have to be so darn cute?!"

"You're so annoying!"

It's dreadfully silent after you yell back at Jimin as awkwardness thickens the already heavy atmosphere. You break the dead moment with a loud, dramatic sigh as you wait for one of the boys to say something silly as usual, but they're doing the same thing.

The door behind you swings open and presents Yoongi in the doorway, and he's trying something new. He's doing a good job at it, as well; he's wearing a red bandana and his black hair is parted to his right.

"Guys, Hoseok is hurt."

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