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song: Don't Dwell
by: Barnacle Boi
Random song.

We all decided to go to McDonald's and get some food. We talked and got to know each other even MORE. If that's possible. We walked there, considering it wasn't that far away.

Sadie came up behind me and started a conversation. I jumped from her sudden movement.

"So, who do you think is the cutest?" she started.

"What?" I was obviously confused.

"Out of the boys, we're going to be working with them for a while so, we should call dibs—"

"SADIE, I don't like any of them that way. I'm only FRIENDS with them." I chuckled at her. Its only been about 2 hours since we've met them, and she's already 'In love.' Geez women.

"Good, because I already call josh!!!!"

"Okay, then..."

Time skip to when you guys get there.

The Mcdonald's was disgusting. It was not taken care of. There was ice cream and fries spilled everywhere.

I walked up to Will's side, along with Finn.
"Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna get anything." I said in a disgust tone. They nodded with agreement to me.

"Ohhhh, I see what we got our selfs into." I said, while pointing towards Sadie and Josh flirting. I laughed, then snapped back into reality. I looked up at the ceiling. It was gross and had mold on it.

"Oh, god help me." I mumbled and slowly put my head back down. Finn and Will laughed at me, while I shot them both a death glare.

"Let's leave." I said, as I was walking out the door.

"Y/N! We can't just leave them." Will said. He was right, we couldn't just leave them, but if I didn't some food...there are gonna be some major problems.

"Fine." I rolled at my eyes. "But,"
"We ARE going to my house, to EAT!" I screamed the last part, causing them to jump a bit.

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