Part Two: Chapter Twelve (First Lady)

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My first table meeting was nerve wracking. They found out that a hit was placed on my head by Shadow, but they didn't want me dead...

They wanted me back. He wanted me back.

"As of now, Kelsea is under watch, 24/7, as well as Kinsey. Nobody leaves this compound without an escort, and we're limiting our runs, which means we are hauling a lot more drugs for a longer period of time in between. Kelsea, since you're still in casts, Alucard and Bête will be driving, and you'll be in the back. We can't cross the borders without reason now. We have to use an Escalade from now on, which will be fully bulletproof. If anyone asks, we're visiting friends. No identifying colors to be shown." I nodded, leaning back in my seat. "As for you, Alucard, take that prospect patch off." Michael threw him the colors for his cut. "Welcome to the table, brother." I smiled at him as a brilliant smile lit his face. "Anything else will be discussed tomorrow. For now, we celebrate, two new members, and one of them, the First Lady at the table."


The kids had a bounce house, inflatable water slides, and everything to play while the adults had their liquor, and barbecued.

"So, how does it feel to have your patch now?" I asked Alucard, as he came up to me on the reclining chaise.

"Incredible. Like I belong." I grinned at him as he took a seat beside me. I toasted my beer to him, taking a sip. "So, are you going to be able to stick through the pain tonight? We'll be staying overnight." I nodded.

"Hanna is watching Kinsey, I have my medication, and there's plenty of pot over there that I can smoke to get me through." I shrugged. "Besides, we're both members now, I think it's time we show it off." He gave me a cheeky grin and took a sip of his beer.

"You'd flaunt it better than me." I chuckled, raising the glass to my lips.

"In these casts, I can't work my ass like I normally would." He spit out his beer, making me almost die laughing.

"Damn it, you made me waste good beer!" He pouted a bit, but I thumped him on the head.

"There's plenty more, Alucard. Besides," I finished mine off, "I could use another." He rolled his eyes at me, and came back with another Stella Artois. "Thank you." I pat his cheek, but he bit my hand. "Hey!"

"Get a room!"

"Ain't nobody wanna see that shit! Save the kinky stuff for when you're alone!" My jaw dropped while everyone just erupted in laughter. I flipped them all the bird and just drank my beer.


The celebration was supposed to go well into the early hours of the morning, but Bête, Alucard, and I were supposed to make the run to Italy. I was holed up in the back seat, my slight drunkenness finally passing. I had a pillow and blanket, which i had napped on for the drive there. Alucard woke me up as we arrived at the compound. I was bleary eyed, but he must have gotten my papers from my lap as I snoozed.

"I can walk..." I protested as he tried to pick me up.

"No need, Kelsea. You're not that heavy, and the doctor already said to stay off the leg." He brought me to one of the empty rooms, laying me down on the bed, and wrote OCCUPIED on the door's whiteboard. "I have to go talk with the table and report in. You get some sleep, or else, the sleep deprivation migraine will be worse with the hangover." I groaned, burying my face in the pillow. He chuckled before closing the door and went to go to church. It was hard to fall asleep, considering this place was so unfamiliar. I tossed and turned until the early hours in the morning until Alucard returned. He handed me a stack of cash, well over what I made last time by at least two thousand euros.

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