Ch. 12 Christmas Eve and Day

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I've been trying to find a way to get Grimmjow home. But I can't find the object that'll take him back to Hueco mundo. Last month at the end of the slumber party I don't know if the kiss was real or just a dream. Cause the day afterwards it was normal like usual, he being gone most of the day probably getting it on with his next victim. My heart feels like is gone too deep. The deeper I get the most likely I'll break.

Today is the day before Christmas Eve, I haven't done any shopping for presents.  At the mall I was wondering around to find something when I saw in a store Grimmjow with this woman. He grab this coat for her and took it to register to pay, my eyes water I couldn't bare to watch so I flee from the sight. He found someone else, that's why he's always gone cause she's spending time with her. I shouldn't be surprise it was bound to happen, or maybe she's just swaying her to get into her pants.

I didn't want to believe. So for my own sake I check again to see what was going on. He walk out with her from the store and wonder around. They talk and laugh. Is like they had a good connection. She hugged him and left. The woman walk past me, she had ash blonde hair, perfect skin, her eyes were light blue surrounded by dark thick lashes, and she had an amazing body. She was a human size barbie.

I was crying, I wanted to hide my face from everyone. Until I bump into someone, he was tall, emotionless face, place face with freckles, green emerald eyes and jet black long hair. He looked familiar. His voice was kinda sad when he ask,

"Why are you crying?"

I reply wiping my tears away,


"Would you accompany me for a cup of coffee?"


We we sat down and drank coffee, he was very quiet and maybe even shy.

"You're really gorgeous"

"Thank you"

"I didn't catch your name"

"(______) and yours?"


He was mysterious and charming in his weird way. We spent a long time talking I almost forgot to get my shopping list done and I then told him,

"Are free tomorrow? That's a stupid question you have family to spend on Christmas Eve"

He then answer,

"I don't mind. I don't have a family"

"Sorry to hear that"

"Is fine. I have to go. See you tomorrow"

Christmas Eve during the night

I haven't seen Grimmjow all day, I was preparing ginger bread people of everyone who was coming and when a custom design of Grimmjow I busted into tears. My mom and step dad came back from the store and she comment,

"(____) you should see how crowded the store is"

I then got the chance to ask her,

"Mom can i bring over two friends? They both don't have no one to celebrate"

"Sure, you can bring your blue hair boyfriend that you been hiding from me in your room the past two in a half months too"

"He's not my bf? And if you know how come you never said nothing"

"I wanted to see how will all this play out in the end"




The party started and I found Shawn, he gave a slight smile and came to my way. We did our regular tradition, eat lot but lots of food, sing a carol or two, dance and get drunk as fuck. Shawn was sober during the whole event, I was a bit out of my element I could barely walk straight. I cling onto Shawn. He took me in my bedroom. I still carry my bottle of whiskey to my bed. I don't know what happened I just found myself kissing him, I back away and he was stun but soon smash his lips against mine. Soon enough our clothes got off, when I took off his turtle neck I saw his hole below his neck, I heard Grimmjow's voice say what I thought,


I jump out of bed and roll over in the floor, Grimmjow thew something and he crash through my window and the retreat. There was white petals flying everywhere falling gently, Grimmjow the snarl,

"Why the fuck were you with him?"

I defend myself,

"I didn't know it was Ulquiorra"

he grab me by my throat and smell me out

"You reek like whiskey. You disgust me"

"You shouldn't be talking you man whore"

"I thought you were different"

"Grimmjow I saw you with that girl in the mall"

"She's my friend.... what did you thought?"

"I ....I. .. don't know"

"Were you jealous?"

I turn away I was too embarrass to admit it. He grab my arm and twirl me around.


I bust out crying. He took off his jacket and put it on me. I forgot I was half naked, I rush into the restroom but I fell over my drunk ass. He pick me up,

"You smell like that albino son of a bitch, you need a bath"

Grimmjow started to tear off my clothes even when I try to stop him I was weak

"Don't, Grimmjow stop"

I was place in the tub full of warm water, he began to scrub my hair and skin roughly. He submerge me under water I nearly drown. He dry me with a towel and put all my clothes on, Grimmjow tuck me in bed and the clock chime. He then kiss my cheek and said,

"Merry Christmas (____)"

to be continue.....

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