Chapter 4 - Class?

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Previously on SeaSwept:

"Finally, come on, we are gonna be late for homeroom.", she says dragging me put of the office.

"Wait. First, do you even know where you are going? Second, give me your schedule, I want to see what classes you have.", I say, stopping her in her tracks.

She hands me her schedule.

I scan over it quickly, "Okay so it seems we have all of our classes together. That's good. Just follow me after each of our classes."

"Okay so which way is out first class?", she asks me.

"That way", I say pointing down a hallway.

She starts walking off, not saying anything.

"Wait! Where are you going?", I ask her confused.

"I'm going to our homeroom, of course. I want joking before when I said we were going to be late. Now hurry up.", she says nonchalantly.

"But we still have... 2 MINUTES!! OH NO WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!", I say sprint down the hallway.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you idiot!", she says before sprinting after me.


Percy's POV

I run in our homeroom, Dick right behind me. I stop for a second, putting my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath.

I can see out of the corner of my eye, Dick walking to a desk, not looking the slightest bit tired. I mean come on, I'm panting, and I literally run for my life, every few hours. How the fudge is he is such good shape?

I look around the room first looking do see if the teacher was in the room yet. Luckily for us, he was late.

"Oh great, I ran all of that for nothing", I groan.

"Oh, come on, at least we made it to class on time.", Dick says stifling his laughter.

"Yeah no thanks to you... Idiot.", I retort back.

"Oh, great insult you got there Percy", he says smirking.

"I know, I'm amazing. Thank you for the compliment.", I say flipping my hair.

"You know, there is something called sarcasm", he says innocently.

"No schist Sherlock", I say, sarcasm practically oozing off my statement.

"Well, it's elementary my dear Watson.", he says half laughing.

"Actually genius, Sherlock never said that. They only incorporated that quote into the TV shows and movies, there is no trace of the quote in the books at all.", I say, probably sounding like a know-it-all snark alek.

"Yeah, yeah whatever", he says flippantly, before turning back to talk to the red haired girl sitting next to him.

"Hah! I win", I say a smug look on my face.

I looked around the room, looking for an empty spot. There was only two spots open. One was next to this girl who looked like she was a live barbie doll. Like actually, her hair was titanium blonde, obviously dyed, she had layers of makeup caked on her face, and her nose looked plastic.

The other was next to a sleeping boy, he was wearing all black, and had a sort of depressed aura around him. He kinda reminded me of Nico, the ghost *cough* goth *cough* king himself.

I looked back and forth between my two options. The barbie doll was now looking into a mirror, putting some type of powder on her face. The boy was still sleeping, isolated from the outside world. I weigh my two options, finally deciding to sit next to the boy. Not to mention, the table was right next to Dick's.

I walk over to the table ignoring all the whispers about the new student. I drop my backpack on the floor and plop down into the chair.

I just sit there drumming my fingers against the table, waiting for our homeroom teacher to come in the room.

Around 10 minutes into class, some man comes walking into class. He walks to the front of the room and clears his throat. People start to quite down, and he starts talking.

"Unfortunately your homeroom teacher has gotten in an accident and will not be able to teach for the next year. As it is on such short notice, homeroom for this class has been cancelled.", the class all starts cheering including me. Who doesn't want class cancelled?

"Don't worry though, tomorrow we have another teacher, or sub ready to teach you.", he says, earning groans from the previously cheering class.

The man exits the room, his feet tapping against the ground.

Everybody starts getting up, picking up their backpack, and start to walk out of class. I walk up to Dick, not really knowing what to do.

"Soooooo... two questions. One, who was that guy? Two, now what am I suppose to do?", I ask.

"Well first of all, that guy was the principle, Mr. Sterg. Second, now I'm gonna introduce you to my friends. They all have study hall anyways.", he says before walking out of the classroom.

I follow him out, making sure that I didn't leave anything in the classroom. He starts walking down some random hallway to somewhere.

"Ugggh, wait for me, I'm still tired from sprinting to the classroom.", I say calling out to him.

"Well who's fault is that?", he asks from the end of the hallway.

I just huff, obviously miffed about the fact that he had won.

I begrudgingly sling my backpack onto my shoulders and start walking after him.


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