Chapter 2 - Saying Goodbye

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Previously on SeaSwept:

"Lord Hephaestus, you said something about new weapons.", I ask him.

"Ah yes, here they are", he hands me a bracelet with multiple charms hanging off of it.. What am I gonna do with this kinda stuff, they sure don't look like weapons.

Sensing my confusion he speaks up,"I would advise pulling the charms off of the bracelet. Make sure so not keep it too close to your body though."

I tell him thank you, and walk out of the throne room, a new purpose in mind, to find out what the heck my name bracelet does, and try out some of my new powers.


Percy's POV

I'm currently walking through the streets of Olympus marveling at the architectural genius of everything. Annabeth did a great job designing everything after the second Titan War.

Wait a second.... when did I ever care about architecture. Then it hits me, and start sulking. Stupid Athena, and her stupid blessing of making me smart, who said a wanted to be smart. Why couldn't I have stayed the Seaweed Brain I usually am.

I thought strikes me as I walk through the streets of Olympus, still whining about Athena's blessing.

My dad did say that I could vapor travel now, and wouldn't now be the best time to try it, when nobody in the general vicinity would freak out if a 17 year old girl suddenly disappears into thin air?

I start concentrating, trying to imagine myself as water molecules, and those same molecules traveling to the Big House.

One second I am half meditating on the streets of Olympus, the next, I'm puking my guts out on the lawn next to the big house.

Ugggggh, yeah, maybe I should start with shorter distances. I stumble to my cabin, still weak from my exhausting travel. I flop into my bed not caring to take off my shoes. I'm out like a light, the second my head touches my pillow.

*Tiiiime Skeeeeep*

I wake up from my slumber, my head pounding. Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask Nico how he managed to get through shadow traveling all the time.

I stumble out of my cabin to the Big House, wanting to talk to Chiron about canceling a few things from my schedule so I could practice my newfound powers.

Much to my surprise, when I open the door to the Big House, I see my father sitting in a chair, deep in a conversation with Chiron.

"Ahhhh, Percy perfect timing", I faintly hear Chiron saying, my mind still a bit fuzzy, not completely awake from my nap.

"Wazzup Chiron... Dad", I say acknowledging them.

"Percy, I have a proposition for you. I want you to move to a city called Gotham.", my dad says, walking up to me.

"Wait... why though?", I ask confused.

"Percy, I know that you feel useless, I know that you think that you think you're responsible for everything. But your not. I think Gotham would be a nice break for you. You can be a teenager for once.", my dad says with sympathy in his voice, sympathy that I don't deserve.

"No, I dont deserve a second chance", I say abruptly, tears forming.

"Percy, you do. At least do it for your mother and I. She would feel so much better if you agree to this, she thinks your closing yourself off from her.", My dad says as he pulls me into a hug.

Tears were now streaming down my face.

"Fine. I'll do it, I'll take a break", I say relenting.

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