Harry -

I love playing with her

I love it how her eyes look all around when she doesn't know what to do.I love it how she got all nervos when I came closer to her.I love it how her cheeks blushed when she tought that I was gonna to kiss her on the lips

But I couldn't kiss her.Even if I wanted,I couldn't.I had a real girlfriend,who I loved.But with Bridget...it's so different

Emma is nice,sweet and shy,but Bridget is everything different from her

She's arrogant,sarcastic and definitely isn't shy.And that's what I like about her.It may sound cliche,but she isn't like any other girls,she's so different

And this liking Bridget part...it has to stop

I just can't.I have a great relationship with Emma,and we love eachother.But this age difference ruined it all

Everytime people see me with an older women they think I'm in a relationship with her

So what if she's 6 years older than me! Big difference! It's not like she's a pedophile or something'! God dammit! These damn reporters.Can't live a normal life because of them

Everybody thinks of me as a cougar,which I am not.Well I partly am since Emma's 6 years older than me...

But I wouldn't go for women in their forties,like our fans say.It's even disgusting to think about it

I don't even know how I got to this idea to fake date Bridget.I think I said it out of fun,but the lads took it seriously and persuaded me to ask her.I thought that she would refuse,but she said yes

So,here we are

Me in my dilemma,and Bridget with a weird look on her face while she's typing something on her phone

I think she's on twitter now

From what I saw on twitter,I think our fans like her.On every tweet there was 'we love Bridget because she's different.She's not a famous person,not a model,a dancer or a singer' They like her because she's a normal girl,from your neighborhood

And that's the main thing why I wanted her to be my fake girlfriend.Because she isn't like those girls I dated before

She's perfect for this.Like this role was made for her

Ha,#Harrget's trending.What an weird name

Why do people combine couple's name?Can't they go just with Harry and Bridget?Or Bridget and Harry?Harrget just sounds like some old lady's name

I scrawled through Bridget's twitter to see that she was having an conversation with our fan  'Love you too hun ;) And I think that he's lucky to have me too! Just kidding ;) Well I think that's it's me who should be lucky to have him,he's such a great man,love him so much :)'

She loves me? Well I think she was talking about me.Wait

I looked through the whole conversation and saw what our fan wrote first 'OMG BRIDGET JONES IS FOLLOWING ME!OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH! SHE SEEMS SO NICE.HARRY IS SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER!SO HAPPY!'

Yeah,it was me

And this girl really loves to use caps lock

Wait,she wrote that she loves me.I know that she only wrote it because she wanted it to seem more believable,but it made someting in my stomach spin.A weird feeling it was.Never felt it before,maybe I'm just hungry,I didn't even have breakfast

I laughed slightly as I scrolled through my mentions and saw some of our fans tweets

Our fans really know how to be funny,but some of them are really disturbing

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