One Dream

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Screams are heard throughout the arena as the lights finally go out; the show is about to start. Fans scream their heads off while others sob. Male fans and female fans are all part of the loud commotion in the huge arena that is completely sold out because this very special occasion.
After what seems like ages, the fans finally hear a noise that is different from the screams, and one that they have been waiting to hear for a long time. Hey Angel emanates from the speakers hooked up everywhere. It is a wonderful sound, sounding a bit like an organ with a few other magical and beautiful sounds mixed with it.

Loud screams amplify in everyone's ears as yet another exhilarating and exciting sound is heard. The note is held for a while; longer than the record version, as if to make everyone more anxious. Girls and boys of all ages balance on their toes to try to get a glimpse to see if the people they came to see were anywhere in sight.

Finally, the beat drops, and so does the curtain. And before any fan as any time to really react, there they are. One Direction. Four of them. All as one once again, as if nothing happened. Niall with his guitar strapped across his chest because everyone knows he dances like a dork if he doesn't have it. Louis checks to make sure there are plenty of water bottles in store to have one too many water fights with Payno.
Harry does his famous air pumps with his hands, feeling the electricity run through him. And Liam does his cool microphone flip trick. All as one group. On the stage.

"Are you guys ready for tonight?!" Liam yells in excitement. Of course, ear-piercing screams are let out, as fans scream and sob from their seats in the arena.

"Hey angel," Harry sings, the fans of course following along, waiting for this moment to happen for years, when they could finally sing the whole Made in the A.M album with the boys.

The song carries one, the boys and fans singing every note perfectly, except for the occasional time when one of the boys would change the sound a tiny bit, and the whole crowd would blow up.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Mums and dads. Friends and family. Thank you so much for coming out tonight!" Louis yells into his microphone once the song is finished. The crowd screams back in return. "Wonderful. Now, before we get this show going, we would like to have a guest come up on stage. Please give a warm welcome to. . .Zayn Malik!" Louis announces, and Zayn walks out on stage with a sincere smile and waving to the fans, who are losing their minds.

"Hello, everyone! Glad to see you all again," Zayn says to the wild crowd.

And that's how the show goes on. Five boys. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. One band. One dream. One Direction. Even if it was just for one night, one tour, one year, it would be enough for us to know that that One Direction would never die. Even when they go off to do solo things, get married, have children, their spirits would always live in our hearts. And we all know that one day they'll be back. Whether it's one show or one album, or maybe even five more albums, we'll always be here for our boys.

Author' Notes-

HALLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I missed it so much here! Everyone here is just so nice and supporting, I missed it! Though, I guess I have some explaining to do.

First of all, I wrote this before I went on break, so don't think I was cheating!

Second, the reason why I'm back early is that I really could not do it. I made it to the beginning of May, and then I started caving. Eventually, I just thought it would be useless to keep trying to be secret. I was logging on most days.
I'm not upset that I caved in. I wanted to delete this to fast, which I did for about 16 days, and also to focus on school work, which I did and still am, so I'm content. Maybe I'll try again soon.

I've been thinking about changing the title to just One Direction One-Shots. I would still have age play and all that, but I might want to add some imagines without age play, or maybe a wedding or baby series, as it just seems pointless to have separate books for it all. Let me know what you think. So glad to be back!

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