Dance Battle (Mark)

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"Do it one more time and see what happens."  You stood firm in your stance as if you were some martial artist about to break your best friend like a chopstick.  

"Alright, alright, I won't tickle you again."  Taeyong had known you for years, and he was more than acquainted with your black belt taekwondo abilities.  As soon as you got into the stance, he knew better than to push you over the edge and put his life on the line.  

"Alright, now we have to get this duet in shape for the showcase at school this Friday.  That's just two days," Taeyong bit his lip.

"Stop panicking.  That's a whole two days.  We'll be fine.  Let's go over the routine like ten more times and then head home for today."

You were dripping with sweat, exhausted, so tired you could collapse if you even took another breath, but Taeyong had asked you for help, and you two were childhood friends, so you felt more than obligated to perform the duet with him.  But you hadn't physically pushed yourself that hard in a while.  You were already pretty sure you would be pretty sore tomorrow. 

Taeyong met up with some guy with well-styled light brown hair before he waved bye to you, and you set off on your long walk home.  

You were so sore, even breathing hurt.  You clutched your side as you hobbled into to the dance practice room in the basement, plopping down on the floor and waiting for your partner Taeyong to show up.  

The door slowly opened, and Taeyong waved at you, but there was someone else behind him.  You quickly realized he was the boy Taeyong was walking home with yesterday.  He had a cute face and an infectious smile.

"Who's he?" you asked your friend without hesitation, and Taeyong laughed.  

"Relax.  This is my pal, Mark Lee.  He's also a dancer.  He wanted to watch us  practice, since he walks home with me anyways.  That okay?"

"Shouldn't be a problem," you sniffed, eyeing this so-called Mark.  

Taeyong put the music on, and the two of you began the routine.  Your body hurt so much, but dancing was your greatest passion in life, so you didn't mind the extra pain.  After a while, your body was covered in sweat, and you slid out of your flimsy tank top, revealing your neon pink sports bra and toned body.  

Mark stood up.  "Hey, Y/N, wanna have a dance battle?  I'm just curious to see what you've got."

Taeyong sighed.  "I'm gonna go refill my water bottle in the meantime.  Want me to fill yours up too, Y/N?" 

"Sure."  You handed him your empty canteen and left.  Unfortunately, there weren't any water fountains in the basement, which meant poor Taeyong would have to walk all the way up a floor and down the entire hallway just for some water.

"Um, a dance battle?  I guess.  Just know that I'm not at my best because I'm super sore from practice yesterday."

"Alright, I'll go easy on you, then," Mark grinned.  He started off with a a few simple moves, and you held back the urge to laugh at the basics.

Now, it was your turn.  The music rang loud and clear in your ears, and the rhythm coursed through your veins.  You twisted your body to the beat, spinning on your heal and body rolling so hard, it put the waves in the ocean to shame.

Mark smirked at your abilities.  "That was hot," he mumbled to himself, and you winked at him before gladly accepting your filled water bottle from a worn out Taeyong.

After practice was over and the routine was engrained in your bones, you decided to head straight home and take the best nap in existence.  You were about to walk off when you felt someone tap your shoulder.  You looked up at Mark.

"Umm, can I maybe get your number?  I was wondering if maybe we could hangout more often and dance and stuff," he said shyly, and you laughed at his 360 in character.  Earlier, he had been so confident while dancing, and now he was like a quiet little mouse.

"Of course.  I was hoping I would see you around more often, myself." 

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